These are some of the lowlights from Tim Tebow’s preseason that didom his NFL career Jaguars make a comeback

It turns out that Tim Tebow excels at two things. Selling jerseys, and being cut.

The Tebow Tight End Experiment has come to a screeching halt in Jacksonville, with the Jaguars releasing the QB-turned-outfielder-turned-tight end on Tuesday morning, one of the first releases made during the first cut period during NFL training camp.

The question is: For whom was it for? This was for the locker area? It was for competition. It was for public relations?

While this is up for discussion, one thing remains certain. It was not for the team’s hopes of winning football games. Tebow’s nightmarish lone appearance in live game action during the 2021 preseason was the stuff of legend (and memes) for years to come, and may have been the impetus for Tebow’s release on Tuesday.

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These are some of Tebow’s poor plays from the win by the Browns 23-13 this weekend, which ended the story of his comeback as a tight end/quarterback.

Tebow had one chance to catch a football in 2021’s preseason. It was intercepted by Tavon Austin (wide receiver), and Austin jumped in front of Tebow in order to grab the ball. Broken route? Broken play? Perhaps.

More than just the reception, Tebow’s night was dominated by two blocking errors.

La piece de resistance, this beauty: Tebow leaves his feet to block down on a lineman, whiffs on the block, gets up, spins around like he’s in a disco bar dancing to a Bee Gees song, lowers his cap and spears his offensive lineman in the chest.

The Jaguars’ tenure of Tebow will be a topic that is constantly being analyzed, and great Twitter feed for future generations.

If sports history has shown us anything it is that Tebow Time never ends.

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