Unusual Spotify Playlists are a surprising meme that encourages The boundaries

Spotify now has memes. Yes, Spotify.

My Twitter account became overwhelmed by Weird Spotify Playlists in August’s first week. They post screenshots of Spotify playlists that are so bizarre it is hard to believe.

This account gained over half a million followers quickly and posted a few bizarre playlists every day. The account crowdsources playlists in their dms and on the Weird Spotify Playlists subreddit, which has over 14,000 members. Matt runs the Twitter and a few other Twitter memes pages such as True, I Guess… or Weird Knock Off Brands.

The Weird Spotify Playlist trend is the next phase of the playlist that dates back to the mix tape, as pointed out by Miles Klee of Mel Magazine. The playlist idea is no longer valid. This stage rejects the traditional notion of a playlist. These playlists are a joke that relies on song titles and playlist titles. The titles can tell bizarre and unorthodox stories.

Personally, my favorite song is “You and Your Dog Named Timothee Chalamet are At The Dog Park and No One’s Around”. This playlist has a unique and unpredictably random theme. But what’s most remarkable about the playlist and its trend is the ability of playlist creators to create these themes using song titles. After reading the playlist title, I was skeptical that Existential Desk would be able to create such a narrative using song titles from Spotify. But, I found a track called “Timothee Chalamet – Where Are You Going?”

Weird Spotify Playlists has some trends, such as POV playlists or ingredient playlists.

These POV playlists are a fun way to make fun of trendy and highly-curated POV lists. They include “pov: You’re the main Character” or “pov Ur the Hot Ex”. These playlists are viewed over 30.000 times on Spotify.

The trend is due to Spotify’s rise as a performative social media platform that appeals to younger users. Spotify is not just an audio streaming app. Your friends can also follow your progress and view what music you are listening to.

Your playlists can be made public so anyone with an internet connection to your account will see them. You can post your best photos on Instagram that show your preferred aesthetic and vibe, while Spotify allows you to do the exact same with playlists. Only feature playlists that you think people will like on your profile.

Spotify analytics such as Spotify Wrapped can be shared via other social media platforms. Spotify even has its own influencers.

These users don’t just create cool playlists. They also make fun of playlists. These users take full advantage of Spotify’s music library and social media features and create memes using playlists.

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