What date will Egypt be added to the amber-list?

The arrivals from Egypt will be required to spend a minimum of 10 days in quarantine hotels. They will also have to undergo Covid testing on the second and eighth day in isolation. Many Brits are not considering Egypt as a vacation destination. When will the UK add Egypt to its amber travel list?

The sun-deprived Britons must add Egypt to their bucket list.

It is not permitted to travel on holidays or “not-essential” trips to other countries that are not listed in the UK’s red book.

Each travel review adds more countries to the amber map.

Each three-week review is held. Countries such as India or the UAE have been moved from the red to the amber lists in the most recent update.

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The number of covid cases in Egypt seems to be declining, and it appears more likely that it will be removed from the red-list as Egypt vaccinates a greater proportion of its citizens.

The amber is a subject Brits pay attention to as much as the green.

The Government has removed the requirement for fully-vaccinated persons to be quarantined upon their arrival from countries on the amber list.


After touching down, travelers must stay in quarantine at a hotel that is approved by the government for at least 10 days.

Hotel quarantines rates have increased by PS1,750 up to PS2,285 per adult.

For a second person to share the same room, it now costs PS1,430

A stay for children between 5 and 12 years old will set you back PS325 per week, while children below five are free.

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