What time will the Maldives leave the UK to travel red? List?

The Maldives has been on the red list since international travel resumed in May. This is likely to be devastating news for holidaymakers who hope to visit the country in 2020.

Although the Maldives is expected to be removed from the red-list, the government will issue its next traffic light update around August 25, 2021.

Global Travel Taskforce of the Government categorizes countries on the basis of a variety key factors.

They include the incidence of coronavirus infection in the country and the proportion of people who have been vaccinated.

These main elements will make a country more likely to be added to the green or amber travel list.

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Which are the most current Maldivian travel regulations?

Travel between the Maldives (and the UK) is currently prohibited.

British and Irish residents and citizens are only allowed to travel for essential reasons.

Only two airports are allowed to receive flights from Maldives: Birmingham and Heathrow.

Thereafter, all arrivals are required to quarantine at their expense in an approved Government hotel.

How would it look if the Maldives were added to the Amber List?

Travellers who have been fully vaccinated and are on the Maldives amber list would not need to be quarantined if they could enter the UK.

However, they would still need to pass a Pre-Departure Covid and another test upon their arrival.

Travellers who are not vaccinated would have to be isolated at home for 10 days and then tested again on the eighth day of their quarantine.

The Maldives allows UK tourists to visit the country without being quarantined.

Non-tourists arriving in the country must show proof of having been fully vaccinated.

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