After receiving complaints from ‘disinformation dozen,’ Facebook took action White House Pressure

Monika Bickert (Vice President of Content Policy at Facebook), rebutted the assertion that twelve Facebook accounts are responsible for spreading misinformation about vaccines. She stated that to focus on these individuals “misses all the woods.”
Bickert stated that any amount of COVID-19 misinformation which violates our policies would be too much. We have taken down over 30 Pages, Groups, Facebook, and Instagram accounts related to 12 individuals, with at least one of them linked to each person for violating our policy.
Bickert stated that Facebook also imposed sanctions on “aproximately two dozen more Pages, Groups or Accounts linked to these 12 individuals” as well as “applied penalties some of their websites domains.”
Center for Countering Digital Hate, a non-profit organization, first identified the “disinformation dozen” in March. It called for Facebook to close down any pages that were operated by these people.
In July, the White House took that report into its hands and attacked the platform for not allowing those named in it to continue on the platform.
Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary at the time stated that “there are about 12 people producing 65% anti-vaccine misinformation via social media platforms.”
After Facebook’s “disinformation twelve” action, a spokesperson for the White House continued its harsh criticism of the company on Wednesday.
A spokesperson for the White House told CNN Business that “In the middle a pandemic it is essential to be honest and transparent about what needs to be done to safeguard public health, but Facebook refuses to tell the truth about misinformation being circulated — and actively promoted — on its platform.”
The spokesperson said that “It is on everybody to get it right so we can ensure the American people are receiving accurate information to preserve their health and the well-being of their loved ones. This is why the Administration will continue pushing leaders, media outlets and the leading information sources like Facebook to fulfill those basic expectations.”
Facebook stated in July it took action against “disinformation twelve” pages. The company did not provide any further details at that time.
Facebook still has not deleted all accounts that were linked to this group.
Bickert stated Wednesday that the remaining accounts of these people aren’t posting any content that violates our rules. They have posted very little violating material, which we removed or they are inactive.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was the owner of one of those pages that were not removed. He is a well-known anti-vaccine figure who was once expelled from Facebook’s Instagram.
CNN was informed by a spokesperson for Facebook that they don’t disable all accounts on their apps. However, accounts might post different information to our services.

Publited at Thu, 19 August 2021 00.38:25 +0000

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