Apple changes email privacy protection and mail encryption
Marketers must be prepared

Apple changes email privacy protection and mail encryption Marketers must be prepared

Apple changes email privacy protection and mail encryption
Marketers must be prepared

The most critical phase in a marketing team’s mix and overall multichannel strategy happens after you press send on an email campaign: the post-send and performance pillars of email marketing.

Marketers should collect metrics and data during this phase to help guide future email campaigns and improve their effectiveness. Email metrics are able to influence the messaging of social media posts as well as guide design, content, and product marketing teams. These metrics can be used strategically to increase the ROI of email programs and improve efficiency and effectiveness in marketing channels and workflows.

As one of the most lucrative channels for reaching target audiences — for every dollar invested in email marketing, brands receive $36 in return — email enables brands to reach their core consumer base: email subscribers.

Marketers must adapt to the new digital revolution just as they did to adjust to print and digital. To remain competitive and to be successful, marketers need to pivot.

Because they would like to hear more from the brand, they have opt-in for email touch points. Marketers can optimize messaging and marketing spending by using analytics to achieve business goals.

Email has a significant impact on marketing strategies and can help you achieve greater business success. Email is the heartbeat of a multichannel campaign. Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, which was announced with the iOS 15 update earlier in summer, attempts to remove metrics and data that are associated with email.

According to the Litmus Email Client Market Share, in 2020, Apple iPhone, Apple Mail and Apple iPad accounted for nearly half of all email opens. These insights are crucial for marketing segmentation and personal touchpoints. Before the update happens, marketers and businesses need to prepare.

Privacy has been a topic of conversation between consumers and companies in recent times. Protecting consumer data is important for companies because they fear losing revenue, reputation damage, and possible breaches. Privacy concerns are also becoming more prominent in the minds of consumers.

In a 2021 survey, over half the respondents expressed more concern about online privacy than in 2020. Brands must demonstrate trustworthiness to consumers before sharing sensitive information.

Apple has introduced new privacy protections to its iOS 15 update. This includes its Mail Privacy Protection. Apple Mail users can hide their IP addresses and locations from senders to prevent brands from pulling data like location and open rates. Apple said that “Mail Privacy Protection stops senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about the user.”

This update: What is it for marketers? A potential loss of an important phase of the multichannel marketing strategy and marketing mix: The post-send performance pillars and email marketing. The brand will not appear to have an open-rate specific data.

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