Arcade-Inspired Beat ‘em Up Mayhem Brawler launches in '90s
August 19,

Arcade-Inspired Beat ‘em Up Mayhem Brawler launches in ’90s August 19,

Do you want to enjoy a comic book that is urban fantasy-themed? I’m happy to share my answer if you answered yes.Mayhem BrawlerIt is for people who want to experience first-class nostalgia

Nostalgia homecoming

Mayhem Brawleris a beat’em-up that’s urban fantasy and brings back the arcade feel to your house. It features comic-book art and unique storytelling. You will have a thrilling journey as you fight off bullies and go through the Mayhem Brawler issues. With Trouble, Star and Dolphin (the three main-runner metahuman police officers at super-powered Stronghold), you will have complete control.

Mayhem Brawler

A series of events can change the outcome of your mission as you patrol Mayhem City’s most dangerous corners. When we developed Mayhem Brawler, the fundamental idea was “In the days of a super-powered police enforcer”. You will not be playing “save the girls, be the hero” in beat’em-ups. Instead you will work with all your heart to protect the Mayhem city. A True Superhero should save the entire neighborhood.

Sinister Thirty

The enemy variety is another refreshing feature that distinguishes Mayhem Brawler. Everything was open to our imaginative director, who created an urban fantasy world. There are sharp-toothed, clawed lycanthropes and rich, fearsome vampires and firearm/knife conjuring wizards. There are even “Mejins”, who come from other dimensions and have spectral abilities. Each of our minions has a unique look to ensure that they feel individual. You need to pay attention when dealing with each opponent’s unique traits, abilities and attack patterns. Mejins, for example, can hurl Spectral Blasts at you from the opposite side of your screen. They should be arrested before you zone them from the opposite side of the street.

Mayhem Brawler

Destiny does not depend on chance. It is a choice.

Originality is not limited to the Mayhem Brawler minions. We created levels and a progression system that “choices matters” based on the vast lore we have created for this project. After clearing the stage, Arcs will appear as comic books. You can choose any issue you like and start your story. Each level is unique in its themes, storylines, enemies, and bosses that are relevant to the story and your choice.

You will complete seven of the twelve stages in just one playthrough. Depending on how you choose to conduct your patrols, your officers may encounter three endings or uncover the darker secrets of the story. This execution is intended to increase replayability and give the experience a unique feel for players. Talking with friends about your adventures is a great way to share them and speculate about the future. You can also play the game with your friends online via couch-cooperative multiplayer. Tag along with colleagues to join the patrols and work together as you solve the mystery. You will see an option to activate Friendly Fire in your character selection screen. You can even throw barrels at colleagues! This is a great way to ruin friendships.

Mayhem Brawler

This is a super-effective method!

Our combat tactics may feel familiar to veterans players, as they are used in throwing barrels. Every officer has their own bread-and butter jabs. You can spice up your combinations with special defensive and offensive abilities. For a mobile approach, Dash Strike and Dash Jump Strike are available. And utilizable weapons. These are the mechanics we know from classic beat’em-ups. We were inspired to create the RPG-Like Condition Effects. To give you an advantage in combat, certain moves, weapons, and abilities will cause the target to be affected by specific condition effects, such as Bleed (the target suffers additional damage due to attacks), and Dazed (suppresses countering capability of your enemies). These effects can help you get more damage and complete stages faster, which will result in higher score when you beat the game. You should be bigger than you think.

Transmission halted

From the day we started this project, it was two years. Hero Concept is a huge fan of comics that tell unforgettable stories, and classic arcade games. Combining two things we love was an amazing moment. We hope you find the following useful.Mayhem BrawlerThis dark, yet funny story is filled with references to pop culture. You will be beating up bullies until they are crushed. S.

Heroines are created by their choice of path, and not the gifts they have. It is possible to be a hero.

Mayhem Brawler

Hero Concept

Mayhem Brawler, an urban fantasy-themed beat’em up brings the arcade feel of the 1990s back to life. It features comic-book-style art and beat-ass music, making it a fun experience you can either tackle alone or with friends. You also get to decide the next steps in the story by your own choices.

Dolphin, Star and Trouble, the most well-known officers of Stronghold, find themselves on routine patrol responding to a call. This sequence of events will change the destiny of the city.

One thing is certain: a day as a super-powered police enforcer can be difficult. There are more threats than the street gangs of urban fantasy Mayhem Brawler. You and your fellow co-op members should use your special skills and combos to make the lives of super-powered criminals miserable. Also, avoid the cruelty of street wizards, fight the evil vampire houses, and take on the giant corporation that forces their goons into doing their dirty work.

You will feel the adrenaline rush with comic book-inspired backgrounds and animated frames, paired with an energetic soundtrack. You can control the flow of your story by making choices. Each corner in Mayhem Brawler has its own story.

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