Call of Duty Vanguard reveals date and time of HUGE Warzone Battle of Verdansk Event

Call of Duty Vanguard reveals date and time of HUGE Warzone Battle of Verdansk Event

Call of Duty Vanguard reveals date and time of HUGE Warzone Battle of Verdansk Event

Activision is getting ready to unveil this year’s Call of Duty release, which is titled Vanguard.

Call of Duty Vanguard is fully revealed on August 19, at 6:30 PM BST UK Time.

In a rather unique and unusual turn of events, the upcoming COD will be unveiled within Call of Duty Warzone.

This is all part of the upcoming Warzone Battle Royale event called The Battle of Verdansk.

Activision publisher Call of Duty says that the Warzone event is a player-vs.-enemy mode.

Activision tweeted, “Join Squads From All Over the World for Warzone PvE Experience in The Battle Of Verdansk.” Drop in tomorrow!

Activision warns that servers will be heavily swarmed and advises players not to enter Warzone until they are ready.

Logging in at least an hour before the reveal can give players double XP and weapon XP as well as double Battle Pass XP.

Activision tweeted, “We expect a hot zone for the Battle of Verdansk.” For target practice, you can enter Warzone at 9:30 PT on August 19th to earn Double XP and Double Weapon XP and Double Battle Pass XP.

Activision confirmed the good news that The Battle of Verdansk can now be played multiple times.

The publisher of Call of Duty says that fans can participate in the event throughout the weekend starting on August 19.

Also, a playlist update will take place as The Battle of Verdansk starts. When this occurs, players are encouraged to not quit Warzone.

“HQ also has the following information, though this could be the Operator in the screen, rather than one on the field. There will be a playlist upgrade at 10.30 PT. Do not leave Warzone if this update occurs before you play. It will occur in real time and will not need a restart of the game.

Keep checking the Play tab to see a live update. This will allow you to start the Battle.

You can get additional incentive to log in to Warzone by receiving various bonuses.

You will find new knife and weapon blueprints as well as a Bike Skin and a Timepiece.

Call of Duty Vanguard, the actual game, will take place during World War II.

Vanguard is not much more than that, but you can still expect a October/November release window and an open beta prior to launch.

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