Elvis' funeral: Lisa Marie shares Lisa Marie's sad gift of sympathy in the coffin - 'for Daddy, to keep forever.

Elvis’ funeral: Lisa Marie shares Lisa Marie’s sad gift of sympathy in the coffin – ‘for Daddy, to keep forever.

Elvis' funeral: Lisa Marie shares Lisa Marie's sad gift of sympathy in the coffin - 'for Daddy, to keep forever.

The world was shocked when Elvis died. The death of Elvis shocked the world. Hundreds of thousands of people flooded Memphis, and crowd Graceland. But he wasn’t the only star of the highest caliber the world has ever seen. A family grieved inside the house. A grieving family was inside the home. The father of the King understood the importance of his son and allowed them to walk through the house to view Elvis in repose in an open casket. It had been located under the arch connecting the music and living rooms. __S.6__

Elvis’ father asked Larry Geller (a hairdresser and spiritual advisor) to style and cut his hair. Sideburns were dyed and makeup applied. Vernon insisted on having a public viewing to allow fans to bid farewell. He wanted to make sure his son looked his best.

According to estimates, the crowd stretched a mile from the venue. Some fainted due to heat and emotion.

Inside, Lisa Marie and Priscilla had a last private moment together with Elvis when Lisa Marie’s little girl asked a question. This little girl wanted her dad to always have a special gift.

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Kendall followed the little girl to her coffin, asking where she wanted the bracelet. She pointed at her right wrist. Kendall reached up to Elvis’ right arm, and she slipped on the jewellery. Later, Kendall asked Elvis if the piece of jewellery would remain in place for ever. He replied yes.

As Lisa Marie left, Priscilla returned to Kendall and gave her one final instruction. The bracelet was then hidden beneath Elvis’s shirt sleeve.

In just three hours, 30,000 people walked through the house after the public was permitted in at 3pm. Vernon extended viewing hours but not all those waiting outside could pay their respects.

Elvis died on August 18th, with many more incredible scenes left unstretched.

Graceland hosted the private funeral of family members and close friends. A car out of control crashed into the gates of Graceland, injuring one person and killing two women fans.

More than 80,00 people walked the path to Forest Hill Cemetery. Elvis’ grave was located in the large family mausoleum right next to his mother.

On August 29, Elvis was able to make a successful (some would say suspect) attempt at locating the body. This gave Elvis’ loved ones grounds to request that his coffin is moved to Graceland to ensure their safety.

On September 28, Elvis was granted permission and his body was permanently moved to Graceland in October 3.

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