iPhone users will be restricted from using their devices for millions of years Here’s Microsoft Outlook: Why?

iOS 15 will be available in September. iPhones running iOS 13 and lower won’t get updates to the Outlook app. They can still use the Outlook app from an earlier version at first.

This is a temporary respite, as Outlook on iOS 13 or lower devices will stop syncing email and calendar data.

One simple method can ensure that you have Outlook support and updates going forward. Make sure to install iOS 14 or WatchOS 7 if your Apple Watch and iPhone are eligible. Microsoft also advises Apple users to update the OS of their devices as soon as they can.

This news follows earlier in the week, when millions were at risk of being denied access to Microsoft 365 apps.

Microsoft 365 includes the essential Microsoft Office apps, Word, and Powerpoint for working at home. A change made last year meant that millions could not have access to these services starting this week.

Publiated at Wed 18 August 2021, 07:16.41 +0000

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