Sky Broadband customers receive an extra free upgrade to their Wi-Fi Speeds

Sky will offer its optional Wi Fi Guarantee for anyone signing up to its Superfast or Ultrafast broadband packages. All new customers will receive Wi-Fi Guarantee for three months free. Those who wish to keep the service for longer periods of time after the promotion period are charged PS5 per month.

Here’s an overview of Sky’s Wi Fi Guarantee for those unfamiliar.

The Wi-Fi Guarantee is similar to the Speed Guarantee which guarantees a minimum speed of broadband internet access into your home. It also promises at least 3Mbps in every room you connect via wireless. Sky can help you troubleshoot issues that could be affecting your connection if you don’t get the minimum speed. Sky will send a booster to boost your Wi-Fi signal if that fails. The strength of Wi-Fi signals decreases as you get further from them.

Sky will refund your purchase if neither of the above methods work. Sky will offer a refund if you use Sky-branded network kit and not any third-party options.

You’ll receive, as you would expect, the most recent Sky Broadband Hub router. This is a Voice Over IP home phone service. It leverages your broadband connection to make calls and has tight parental controls that limit screen time.

The broadband bundle includes Sky’s Speed Guarantee. This allows customers to get their money back if their download speed drops below that of the Wi-Fi Guarantee. You must have a minimum of three consecutive days without a drop in speed. After activation, claims cannot be filed.

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