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Sophie Falkiner (48) shines as she displays her beauty. age-defying physique

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Beach babe! Sophie Falkiner (48) sizzles under the sun, showing off her age defying body in Sydney

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Sophie Falkiner displayed her toned physique as she went for a swim at Sydney’s Harbour on Wednesday.

The TV presenter-turned-model proved just how fit she is as she undertook a seaside exercise session amid the lockdown in New South Wales.

The 48-year old blonde beauty wore a full-length black swimsuit for the occasion.

Beach babe! Sophie Falkiner (48) swam in the sunshine as she displayed her age-defying body in Sydney, Wednesday

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Sophie felt at home in the water and let her hair down, while enjoying her swim. She wore her black hairtie as an accessory to her wrist.

Her buxom and toned pins, which she was displaying as she danced along the shoreline, were clearly visible.

Sophie managed to get some sun rays even though it was winter.

Sophie took a moment to take a break from swimming by sending a message to her friend and then sipped coffee she bought in a shop.

Beach attire: For the outing, the 48-year-old blonde stunner donned a black swimsuit

Beach wear: The 48-year old blonde beauty wore a black swimsuit for the occasion

Beach babe: Sophie showed off her ageless visage coming out of the surf

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Sophie, the beach babe: Sophie sported an ageless face when she stepped out onto the waves

Letting her hair down: Clearly feeling at one with the water, Sophie let her hair down while she enjoyed her swim

Let her hair down: Sophie clearly felt at home in the water and let her hair down as she enjoyed her swim

Splish splash: Despite being winter, Sophie still managed to catch some of the sun's rays

A splash of sunshine: Sophie managed to get some sun rays even though it was winter.

These are some nice pins Her toned pins and buxom bust were visible as she danced along the shore.

What are you texting to? Sophie took a moment to text a friend while she was swimming.

Sophie arrived at the beach wearing casual, workout clothes before she went into the water.

This blonde bombshell was dressed in navy trousers, with a Canadian Tourism sloppy Joee.

Her belongings were also kept in her black-and-white The Upside bag.

Sophie wore black sunglasses and a matching trucker’s cap to keep her safe from the sun.

Casual getup: The blonde bombshell wore navy pants, teamed with a Canadian tourism sloppy joe

Casual look: This blonde bombshell donned navy trousers and a Canadian Tourism Sloppy Joee.

Sun safe: Sophie kept sun-safe by donning some black shades

Sophie was sun safe by wearing black sunglasses

The former Wheel Of Fortune hostess revealed in August that she had signed up for a modeling agency. __S.42__

At the time, she made an appearance on The Morning Show to talk about her new role with Silverfox.

Kylie Gillies and Larry Edmur explained that “age is just an number” and that women can be stylish at all ages.

“Age is only a number!” Sophie announced in August that she had signed up for a mature modeling agency.

She stated that the agency celebrates diversity and the only requirement is that one must be at least 30 years old. However, many people working in agencies have reached 80.

“I’d rather have a six-year-old woman selling me face cream than a sixteen-year-old girl with wrinkles.

She takes on this new role amid growing demand for older models in our advertising and catwalks.

New gig: The blonde bombshell made an appearance on The Morning Show to talk about her new role with Silverfox

The blonde bombshell appeared on The Morning Show, to discuss her new position with Silverfox


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