Tales of Arise Demo: Cooking, Crafting, and Combat

Tales of Arise Demo: Cooking, Crafting, and Combat


  • You can play all 6 characters in this demo: Alphen Shionne Rinwell Law Kisara and Dohalim
  • Every character comes with a unique Boost Attack that can help you beat any enemy type you encounter.
  • Download the Demo to get a Hootle Attachment that unlocks when you buy the complete game on September 10, 2021.

Take a look at the story of freedom and play strategic scenarios with each of six characters.TAles of Arise S, in this next chapter of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s renowned Tales Of series. This is a preview of what the demo will show you.

You will have six characters to choose from as your party, each with their own artes and perks. You can start the demo with any character, and then switch to another during combat. This allows you to experiment with different gameplay styles or use Boost Attacks.

Tales of Arise Demo

Each character has its own Boost Attack and they are useful in fighting certain enemy types that are more difficult to defeat. Characters must build up their Boost Attacks gauge over time in order to deliver a devastating blow to enemies. Every character has a unique advantage with each Boost Attack:

  • AlphenDeal with the fire sword to deal damage
  • ShionneAim for the skies and take down your enemies
  • RinwellYou can steal arcane arts and stop enemies from casting
  • KisaraBlock enemy charges to knock them down
  • DohalimYou can ensnare your enemies to help you defeat faster enemies
  • LawUse shields and armor to break through your enemies

These Boost Attacks can be strategically used in battle against powerful foes to help you find the way to victory. Combining attacks to inflict significant damage during battle could unlock special Boost Strikes that can deal a devastating blow to your foes!

If enemies have low health, and you are winning the battle, join forces with your party to perform a powerful Boost Strike. This is particularly helpful when dealing with bosses or giants.

Tales of Arise Demo

Although giant enemies can be difficult, they are also very rare and will drop valuable items. Your strength against the Gigant is the Tales of Arise Demo. Tip: If you have trouble beating the Gigant go to camp and cook a meal to buffs to recover your CP.

A new meter may be visible in the demo area for CP. You can use these points to restore the health of your group, but be careful! CP cannot be restored over time. Instead, you can rest in camps and inns or restore your health by using consumable items. Before you face tough opponents, ensure your CP is at its maximum.

Long-time series fans will be pleased to know that beloved elements like crafting and cooking have been enhanced for an even deeper experience. You can find fresh ingredients all over the map and prepare different meals at camp. You need a certain type of buff to give you an edge in combat. You can temporarily get a buff by cooking certain foods. It will allow you to increase your combat abilities. With the correct combination, you might unlock an original skit.

Tales of Arise Demo

You can craft various items or forge accessories by gathering certain ores from the world of Tales of Arise. You will receive bonuses based on the grade of the ore. So be sure to keep your eyes open for rare minerals that can make even more amazing accessories.

To download the demo, you can get Vacation Hootle DLC for the full game.Tales of AriseIt arrives September 10, 2010. Pre-order to receive your Pre-Order Bonus Package, including unique Alphen and Shionne costumes, four special recipes and the ingredients you need to start your journey.


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

Tales of Arise is available for you to try out free of charge! Explore a portion of the game’s world and discover new elements as well as familiar favorites.

The bonus content includes the Vacation Hootle Doll.

* The Return of the Thrilling Battles
You can team up with some charming characters to engage in combat together. As you battle a variety of foes with different traits, the action RPG combat style returns to this series. You can combine your forces with allies to defeat even the most formidable foes in Dahna using Astral Artes or other attack methods.

• Freely explore Dahna
Explore a rich world created by the Atmospheric Shader. As you travel from one place to another, meet up with your party and have lively conversations. You can also set up camp outdoors to cook tasty meals for your group. Tales of Arise brings back many of the series’ staples, which are just waiting for their next adventure!

*The demo has been altered and may differ from the final version.
*Some features may not be available in the demo.
*Character and progress levels are not transferable to the entire game.

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