Ten Minutes With the Creator of Twelve minutes

Ten Minutes With the Creator of Twelve minutes

The Xbox Wire France team had the opportunity to meet up with them recently.Twelve Minutes Luis Antonio is the creator. S, and PC with Xbox Game Pass on August 19, Antonio shared details on the influences of the game, why this medium is perfect for the story he wanted to tell, and how he hopes this game may attract and be accessible for people who don’t normally play games.

Q: What would you say Twelve minutes is to someone who’s never heard of it before?
AThis is:Twelve minutesInteractive thriller that follows a man who is trapped in a time loop. It’s a bit like “Groundhog Day” and “Edge of Tomorrow”.

You come home after work, and you are enjoying a night with your spouse. Then a cop arrives at your door accusing your wife of killing her father many years ago. The cop arrives at your door and accuses you of murdering her father years ago.

You can then use your knowledge to attempt to alter the outcome or break the cycle.

Q: Which influences are behind this game?
A: The game-side of things is inspired by classic point-and click genres like those created by Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert.Monkey IslandOrDay of the TentacleThey allow you to interact with a wide range of people. These games allow for a wide range of interaction while still keeping the story open. Some are classic platformers of the old school, with strong storytelling elements like Jordan Mechner’s.Prince of PersiaOrAnother WorldEric Chai and the team created this cinematic mix of storytelling and gameplay.

In movies, my inspiration was how directors use every tool at their disposal, including the camera, set design and music. Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” is a good example. He framed everything from the balcony and forced you to see the story from the perspective of the protagonist. Christoper Nolan’s “Memento”, changing the timeline to show the protagonist’s memories problems, is another example.

Q: A movie could have told your story, but why chose to use a game to tell it? How is this different to other media?
A? : That’s not clear. It was created to be enjoyed and you can be active participants. The player and your experience are in constant communication. These verbs are yours to use. The simulation will change depending on what you do.

The timeline in a movie or book is the same. You are interpreting the events, but can’t alter them based on the current situation.

Q: What does the time loop mean for storytelling?
AIt was more liberating for me, especially when I consider the medium that I am working in.

Nature is a game with time loops. Every time you do something wrong or make a mistake, the game will send you back to the beginning of the level. You must then repeat the action.

This can then be incorporated into the story. You’re learning knowledge and you can be penalized for making mistakes in games. Repetition is a liberating element that encourages experimentation, and rewards you for doing so.

Q: If you want to draw people into your games that are not typically played by them, what is the best way to do this? Is it possible to create a game that appeals to both core gamers as well?
A: Targeting non-gamers doesn’t affect the appeal to core gamers.

It was important to create something accessible, so that you can interact with it in a way that makes sense, but not compromise the gameplay, puzzles or experience.

You still have all the challenges and complexity you expected, however, it is now easier to deal with.

Q: What made you decide to use the top-down perspective for this game? This perspective allows you to communicate emotions.
AThe top-down approach was chosen at the beginning because I was still learning how to program and it made the task easier to create the game. There is only 2-axis movement, and there are no camera controls.

The camera angle was never changed as the game progressed. This makes navigation easier, it doesn’t require me to adjust facial expressions which can take a lot time and is not yet possible for games with a lot to read.

It became the signature of this title. It is easy to tell if a screenshot comes from Twelve minutes. It also fits in with my themes, giving you a more voyeuristic and claustrophobic view of what is happening as you play the games.

We discovered that by having only body movements and voice acting you can imagine how the characters must feel as they interact. This makes the entire experience more personal.

Q: Was it important to you that the voiceover was done by an elite cast?
AAlthough the gameplay does not feature voice acting, it is based on you being involved in what happens to these characters and deciding what to do. In order to make this interactive thriller more cinematic than video games, the story is tightly integrated into the action. This cast of talented actors helped us achieve both our goals and raise the quality of the film.

Q: How do you feel about Xbox Game Pass?
AServices like Spotify and Netflix are a great way for consumers to get their entertainment. This makes it easy to select what you like and to try new things.

Xbox Game Pass works in the same manner. You can search such a wide range of catalogs and venture out of your comfort zone to find gems that you might not have otherwise. Developer, it’s great that the game will have a wider audience.

Q: Are you excited to finally see Twelve minutes launched on August 19,?
AI am very excited. We’re here after a very long journey. It’s been an enjoyable journey and I enjoy developing games. But they were meant to be enjoyed and this is what we are finally seeing!

Twelve Minutes S, PC, and with Xbox Game Pass.

Twelve minutes

Annapurna Interactive

TWELVE MINSUTES is an interactive top-down thriller that’s easy to use with a click-and-drag interface. Willem Dafoe, Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy are featured.

A police officer breaks into your house and accuses your wife murder. Then, he beats you to death.

You will only be relegated to the moment that you first opened the front door.

You can’t change the outcome unless you have the ability to make use of the information.

TWELVE MILES combines the dreamlike tension of THE SHINING and the claustrophobia that comes with REAR WINDOW, as well as the fractured structure of MEMENTO.

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