The Entrepreneur's deep desire to succeed helped him
Overcome Addicition

The Entrepreneur’s deep desire to succeed helped him Overcome Addicition

The Entrepreneur's deep desire to succeed helped him
Overcome Addicition

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I wouldn’t have believed anyone to suggest that I had been an addict in this dark time of my life. Of course, I was in deep denial. Although the truth was hard to swallow, it saved me from being a failure. To get to the next stage, I needed to change my bad habits and overcome my depression and anxiety. It was a time when I felt hopeless, embarrassed, and alone. It was something I did not want to discuss.

The following was my addiction: To fit in, I tried to drink alcohol. After a couple of drinks I started to smoke. After I had finished drinking, I’d go home and gamble my way through thousands of dollars on my credit cards. If I felt low and hungover, I watched porn. It was my addictive behavior, which I continued to live for many years. This was my new normal.

My lowest point was when I hit a breaking point. In 2010, something clicked. I realized my old habits weren’t going to take me where I wanted to go. It was then that I decided to leave the place I had been born in, and start to live with people other than myself. It was an important moment for me because it gave me the opportunity to grow. I had needed role models who were healthy and could give me the motivation I needed to realize my vision.

After I began to achieve financial success, it dawned upon me that even if I had all the money in the world, my addictive habits would still keep me from being happy. It was a difficult journey that I embarked on. To be free from addiction, I needed to look back at my history and deal with the traumas of my childhood.

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These are exactly the steps I use to help my clients reconnect with themselves and live a healthier lifestyle. This is a journey that requires courage and commitment, as well as the willingness to make a change.

1. Conscious lifestyle design

Connection is the opposite of addiction. Entrepreneurs are prone to isolation so we turn our attention outside when there is a loss of connection. It is important to live a mindful lifestyle that is based on self-awareness, energy-rich behavior and positive thoughts.

Entrepreneurs need to be disciplined. It is difficult for them to get started on their business because they have become so focused on it. They believe that success and money will make them whole. But this illusion is created by that part of ourselves that self-sabotages.

You’ll be less inclined to feel good about yourself if you have a stronger connection to your inner self. This is where meditation plays an important role. It takes you to the core of your being and allows you to bring your unconscious mind into your conscious. Then, you can experience breakthroughs.

2. 2.Letting go of the Past

Past events, traumas and suppression are a major reason why we feel disconnected from ourselves. These can be bullying or the loss of a parent. Although it may seem shocking to many, sometimes an addiction can be stopped by unblocking the emotion that has been trapped from a past event. This is because energy releases create a huge surge in energy within the body and removes the need for unhealthy behaviors.

A shift in identity is what makes the difference between having to fight against a particular behavior or not wanting it at all. We can no longer identify ourselves as victims of past events if we are able to heal. Resentments and lack of forgiveness are two major causes of addiction. Many people find it crucial to resolve relationships, even if they have lost the person responsible. Clearing out the past can help you create a new beginning.

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3. Change your beliefs

My experience shows that the first stage deals with between 70% and 80% of all cases. Even if the addict has begun to address the problem, it is important to secure a new identity. This depends on our beliefs about ourselves. Our beliefs and values are key to how we live and what we do.

You may be holding a belief that your addiction isn’t serving you right now. It could say something like, “It’ll just disappear” or “It won’t go away”. Understanding our core beliefs from the monkey brain is difficult. Meditation and asking deeper questions can help us unravel our beliefs. The.5 second rule is what I employ when working with clients. They are asked questions within a half second after they have fallen into meditation.

After I have discovered the beliefs of someone, I can take key actions to rewire those beliefs. It’s not enough to think, believe and then take action . This is what makes a real difference. You can’t just say, “I am free from addiction,” as much as you cannot read about courage. To be a hero, you must act courageously.

Although the stages above work, it is important to keep in mind that admitting to the truth and being willing to help others are the first steps. My denial and active self wanted me to stop reaching my full potential. I was trapped in the “It will all work itself out” cycle for many years.

Once you make the decision to stop allowing your addictions to enter your life, it will end. Only then can we take the necessary steps to heal.

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