These smart bulbs are great for Alexa, so that you can control the lighting. You can set the mood by just using your voice

If you’re in the market for new smart bulbs for your home, the choice can feel overwhelming. There are so many options for smart lighting. Where do you start? You already know that you would like to enhance your home’s smart lighting with similar smart bulbs. But what next?

Here’s a list of the best smart bulbs for Alexa. These smart bulbs can be customized to suit different budgets and price points, making them affordable for all. Although it may seem that a Philips Hue is the best choice for smart LED bulbs, this really depends on your plans. This article examines how voice control works, which colors are available, and what bulbs need a hub in order to work properly. We’ll quickly clear up any confusion.

If you are thinking about making your home more intelligent, make sure to check out the top smart plugs available. They are an excellent way to make “dumb” technology easier to use. You can also upgrade your Alexa coverage by purchasing one of our top smart speakers to take full control over your smart home or smart LED bulbs system.

What’s a Smart Bulb?

You can easily be tempted by fancy technology and not really understand what it is. You may have heard the term “smart bulb” or “smart light bulb”, but you don’t know what it means. It’s an LED bulb capable of connecting to other devices in your home via the internet. This allows you to use more advanced control than regular bulbs. Although Hue lights and the necessity for Hue hubs are often mentioned, some simple LED bulbs work just like regular ones. However, you can use voice control to command them.

You don’t need anything complicated to set them up because smart bulbs can fit in regular light sockets.

Smart bulbs: What is so special about them?

Simply put, convenience. You don’t have to turn off the lightbulb using a traditional switch. Instead, Alexa can be used to control it. This is great for people with mobility problems, but anyone can use it. You can control your house from any location by pairing it with smart speakers like the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

Other useful functions of smart bulbs include the ability to produce different hues or colors. Most light bulbs don’t have an all or nothing setting. You can either choose dim lighting in the evenings, or bright light during daylight hours to help you focus.

Smart light bulbs can also be programmed to come on at specific times. This allows you to return to your home with fully illuminated lights or turn them on while away, indicating to anyone suspicious that you are actually home.

To use smart bulbs or lighting, do I require a hub?

It doesn’t always work. This depends on which smart bulb is being used. While some smart bulbs need a hub, such as the Philips Hue ones, others do not require one. Smart bulbs that support Alexa are very flexible.

We have information about whether or not you will need to purchase a hub to access the various smart light bulbs.

What is the time it takes to install smart lighting?

It takes a lot of time. Smart lights can be set up in a matter of seconds. Although the setup of a hub or bridge can be more time-consuming, it is typically a temporary deal that allows for future configurations of lights.

It can be more time-consuming to get your smart lighting set up exactly how you wish. While things may take longer to adjust schedules or color schemes, it’s still within the range of 30-60 minutes. You can also use Alexa commands to do most of these things using your voice, rather than having to interact with apps.

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