To’strengthen her’, a woman takes a few products from a supermarket. immune system: video

She is anti-vaccines.

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What can you do to strengthen your immune system. Vitamin C supplements are a common way to boost your immune system. There are some who risk their own health or the health of others. Video of a woman eating products in a supermarket has become viral.

Jodie Meschuk, a woman who users identified as Jodie, was taken to the supermarket by her underage son. He recorded while Jodie licked everything in her path, including her shopping cart handle, a fridge handle and a bag.

Jodie spreads her germs in the video. Jodie’s behavior is encouraged by several phrases. It isn’t law, Oxygen and smiling are life, Jodie is seen spreading her germs and is accompanied by phrases to encourage her behavior.

The media as well as Internet users dismissed his actions. He doesn’t wear masks or appear to know that there is an epidemic sweeping the globe. The woman is anti-vaccines.

Meschuk posted the video to his Instagram account, where it was shared to over 17 000 followers. This helped minimize the risks of Covid. The publication was removed and the account blocked due to outrage. However, since all that is on the internet remains, others saved it, and it can now be found online.

According to Daily Mail, Jodie wrote Austism: Reimagined, where she explained how to “reverse the diagnosis”.

We are reminded of many other cases that occurred during the initial wave of the pandemic. For example, the influencer who licked an airport toilet to “see if it was contagious.” The virus spread.

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Publiated at Wed 18 August 2021 23.09:23 (+0000).

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