Xbox Game Pass August 2021 new titles: Willem Dafoe is headline star in NEW Xbox Game Pass release

Microsoft announced the August 2021 Xbox Game Pass release.

Game Pass has had a great month, with titles such as Art of Rally and Hades joining the service.

The second half of this month will be better than the first with nine new games.

Sega’s strategy game Humankind is the first step.

Microsoft describes Humankind as a strategy game that focuses on historical history. You’ll have to rewrite the story of humanity, Microsoft says. Combine up to 60 cultures and you can lead your people through the Ancient Age to the Modern Age.

Xbox Game Pass in Cloud also offers three new Xbox games, Need for Speed Heat and Star Wars Battlefront II.

The next release, and perhaps the most important of the month, is the intriguing story-driven adventure 12 minutes.

Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley stars in the game, along with James McAvoy, Willem Dafoe, and James McAvoy.

12 Minutes, an interactive thriller that is available with Xbox Game Pass Day One, tells the story of a man who has been trapped in a loop time.

Find a way for the knowledge you have of the future to alter the outcome. This book features the voices of Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe, as well as James McAvoy’s voice talents.

Twelve Minutes was featured in the Xbox Series X Showcase last year. The launch trailer is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Cloud. You can watch it below.

Recompile and Train Sim World 2 will be launched on August 19. Psychonauts 2 will follow shortly thereafter, August 25.

Psychonauts 2 is an adventure platform game that combines quirky missions with mysterious conspiracy theories. It features a cinematic aesthetic and tons of psychic abilities. Players guide Raz through the minds and foes of his friends on their quest to find a killer psychic villain.

Myst, the classic adventure game, is the last game for the month. Game Pass will launch on August 26.

Welcome to Myst, the strikingly beautiful island that is eerily shrouded by intrigue and tinged with mystery. Discover the truth behind family treachery and explore deeper connections.

It’s not all bad news. Four games are set to leave on August 31.

These include Blair Witch, Double Kick Heroes and NBA 2K21. If you don’t have the time, it’s best to finish these games as soon as possible.

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