You can chase other people all over the map in 4X Humankind
Your mouse

You can chase other people all over the map in 4X Humankind Your mouse

4X game Humankind has only just been released, but players are already unearthing hidden secrets buried in the game’s design. You can drag things across the map using your mouse cursor, according to some eagle-eyed gamers.

Much like in rival strategy game Civilization, Humankind’s campaign map is filled with dynamic visual features that are meant to reflect player choices. Urban sprawl will spread across the map as you create cities. Caravans will travel up and down the roads as you add trade routes and other features. It seems the same holds true for both wildlife and domestic animals.

Xetni14 moves their cursor up and down a mountain to pursue a flock of sheep close by a city. Other players have responded with their stories and commented on the feature. It seems that this is a regular part of Humankind since its beta. The game also functions on humans, and the Humankind community might have found the first Easter egg. User iso9042 replied to Xetni14’s post. They once chased a human model across a prairie to a bush where it was then jumped on by a lion.

They write, “Suddenly [a] Lion leaps out of the bush and speeds towards that man, while his model vanishes as though being eaten.”

These little details are amazing. You can see how my cursor interacts with the game. From HumankindTheGame

The lion then lazily wanders away. The story ends. I’m still not certain if this is a bug that ambient entities despawn or if predators hunt on prey. Zoryall (a Humankind 3D artist) replied that the bug is not present.

Humankind, if nothing else is a beautiful game. Shift+F10 can be used to disable the HUD and other interface elements. You can then just wander around the globe. You should be aware that this will prevent things such as the main menu appearing. Make sure to turn it back on after you are done.

If you’re interested in learning more about Civilization’s first true challenger, Humankind, you can read our review. But we also have plenty of guides for you, such as warfare and difficulty setting, or how to earn fame points to claim victory.

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Steam, Epic Games Store and Google Stadia now offer Humankind on PC.

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