Aileen Lee, Guild Education’s Rachel Carlson and I will be sharing our experience. How to say yes to Extra Crunch Live

Aileen Lee, one of the most prominent and highly successful venture capitalists in the last decade. Lee spent more than 12 years as a KPCB partner before she started Cowboy Ventures. She has a portfolio that includes DocSend and Ironclad as well as Philz Coffee, StyleSeat, StyleSeat, and many other products.

It’s no surprise, then, that Lee will be joining us along with Rachel Carlson from Guild Education on an episode of Extra Crunch Live. Click to register for free!

Extra Crunch Live is a gathering of founders and investors to open up the world of fundraising. What is the secret to their meeting? What made them choose one another? Why did they choose each other? What made them agree to work together?

These pieces are often not covered by “how to raise money” blogs and programs. We are here to answer your questions.

Extra Crunch Live also features the ECL Pitch-off, which gives folks in the audience the chance to raise their hand and pitch their startup to our guests, who will give their live feedback.

However, I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s meet our guests.

Lee is a sought-after investor in Silicon Valley since I started in technology. She is a founding partner of All Raise and is passionate about diversity and inclusion. Her eye for talent makes it clear that she recognizes that the former can often precede the latter.

A few times she has been listed on the Midas List. She is also one of Forbes’ most important people.

Rachel Carlson was the founder of Guild Education and has been its leader since. Guild raised over $370 million in funding from investors such as Felicis and Bessemer.

These two will talk about the best ways to reach yes and what songs in a pitch deck. We also discuss how partners work together.

Extra Crunch Live will be 100% free for those who are able to attend the live event, however Extra Crunch members have access only to on-demand content. If you’re not yet an Extra Crunch member, sign up here.

Extra Crunch Live’s August 25, 2012, 3:00 ET is the last episode. We hope to see you there

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