Amazon to Blame for Parents Quitting Naming kids Alexa

An Alexa-enabled Echo smart speaker. (Amazon Photo)

Have you ever shouted “Alexa! STOP!” after accidentally waking an Amazon voice-enabled device? Imagine being the parent to Alexa, a human trying to live with smart speakers.

The messy reality of 2021 — along with more serious problems with the name — may have led to an increase in Alexa babies, seven years after Amazon named its artificial intelligence baby.

The Atlantic has an interesting new report this week on how “Amazon killed the name Alexa.”

As Alexa became more popular, the popularity of Amazon Echo and voice-enabled gadgets has also fallen. Alexa is now a part of a number of names that have fallen out fashion after they were renamed, such as Hillary after Hillary Clinton was elected first lady.

While sharing product names is not necessarily a problem, The Atlantic points out how Alexa differs from other products because Amazon “turned it into a name to a female voice which does your bidding.” According to some reports, younger children are being teased by their teachers with a torrent of commands.

Namerology founder Laura Wattenberg told the magazine that many parents of Alexas are altering their children’s names and using middle names to bully their kids.

Publited at Thu, 19 August 2021 15:54.06 +0000

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