Are you confused by Bitcoin and Crypto We can help.

Are you confused by Bitcoin and Crypto We can help.

Are you confused by Bitcoin and Crypto We can help.

New documentary will provide clarity and expose key crypto facts.

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As the world battled the pandemic earlier this year, something unusual happened. Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, began rising in value. The hype was the main driver of demand. Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla, and many other ventures) was responsible for driving the Bitcoin price up. He had invested more than a billion dollars in the cryptocurrency. It didn’t seem right so I investigated further. The world of cryptocurrency can be messy and false expectations fuelled by high demand are just some examples.

My close friends in financial and digital circles spoke with me, as well as experts, gurus, reliable investment fund managers and authors. All these conversations were shared with me and the world. The Bitcoin Dilemma documentary was born. Now, fast forward to a few months and I’m happy to announce that the documentary has been launched. It features incredible entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and experts from all over the globe.

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Simply put, the Bitcoin Dilema serves to provide clarity. To dispel any misinformation about cryptocurrencies (especially Bitcoin and Dogecoin), and to help the global public understand this phenomenon, I will be calling it a “Bitcoin Dilemma”. The news is abuzz with cryptocurrency. Many countries consider banning cryptocurrency mining (many have already banned them), while others are openly accepting them. How does it impact us and what does it really mean?

These and other issues are troubling large swathes of the world’s population. Over the years I’ve met a number of highly qualified experts and Ponzi creators. All have an explanation for what they say and do. We need to know where the world is going, what jobs will be available, how investments will work, and what money means for our daily lives.

Many people require guidance when it comes to their hard-earned savings and 401k accounts. If you listen to an egotistical CEO, you could end up in serious trouble. Don’t get me wrong. While I am a futurist and love to see the innovations of those who make the world better, we need to ensure that the truth prevails in everything. As we move into an ecommerce-driven world, small businesses will find this invaluable. Digital currencies could play a major role in that future.

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This month will see the release of the Bitcoin Dilemma document. We are entering the final phase of our film and I am pleased with the overwhelming support from the wider community. The Bitcoin Dilemma is available across many video platforms, including YouTube and Vimeo. Watch the trailer.

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