Call of Duty Warzone Event End: When will the new Warzone Map be available?

Call of Duty Warzone Event End: When will the new Warzone Map be available?

Call of Duty Warzone Event End: When will the new Warzone Map be available?

A lot of big news has been shared today via the Call of Duty Warzone event, which is scheduled to end in the coming days.

It’s not necessary to be able to jump right away.

The Battle of Verdansk will be available as an option during the weekend. This gives you plenty of time for new rewards and jumping in.

You will also be able to access the Call of Duty Vanguard trailer with details about the campaign and the game modes.

Vanguard, which will integrate with Battle Royale later in the year is one of Warzone gamers’ most exciting bits.

This means that all weapons and progress will be available to both the Black Ops Cold War games as well as the other ones.

The Battle Pass will be shared by all three games, but it is not clear how Vanguard weapons around Verdansk will still work.

Another important news is the development of a Warzone Map centered around Vanguard.

Activision promises that the Vanguard Warzone Map will come out in 2011.

The new Warzone map should be released alongside Vanguard’s November 5th release.

But, we won’t know much more until then. We can just say the Vanguard Map for Warzone is coming out in 2021.

Below is a message from Activision regarding the announcement and future plans for anti-cheat technology.

Warzone will make Call of Duty History with its brand new main map, which launches later in the year. Raven Software led the development of Warzone. The new map will launch with a PC anti-cheat feature.

As universal progress is expected to continue, “Call of Duty Warzone” will continue to honor your previous gameplay experience.

All content purchased through a Store Bundle or Battle Pass will be carried forward.

You can choose to play any of the integrated Call of Duty Games – Modern Warfare Black Ops Cold War Vanguard or Warzone – as well as your Ranks and Battle Pass.

You can make Warzone weapon loadsouts using content from all Call of Duty titles. When the Warzone map is released later in this year, integration will be complete between Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone.

Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone are now sharing post-launch content. There is a huge calendar of maps, playlists and limited time events. Community celebrations have been integrated between both games. Expect the best Call of Duty experience.

“Prepare to receive additional information about Call of Duty: Vanguard, Warzone and the anti-cheat systems in the weeks leading up to Vanguard’s launch.”

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