Frigidaire’s mini AC unit works great in small apartments
It's also on sale

Frigidaire’s mini AC unit works great in small apartments It’s also on sale

Save $67: Grab a Frigidaire 5,000 BTU compact air conditioning unit on sale for $142.99, down from $209.99 as of Aug. 19.

School is starting back up, but that doesn’t mean summer is over. It’s still going to be hot for a little while longer, and as college students head back to campus, one thing they might not think about putting on their school supplies list is an air conditioning unit.

As of Aug. 19, Frigidaire’s 5,000 BTU compact air conditioner is on sale for $142.99, saving you 32%. This conditioner is great for apartment or dormitory rooms, provided that your home has window units. Please verify. It’s also much cheaper than the $300-500 range most air conditioners are in.

It can cool up to 150 sq. feet. There are two speeds for the fan and two speeds for cooling. The only problem is that it has seven temperature settings so you don’t know the exact numerical temperature.

Although it’s not fancy, the Frigidaire unit is very affordable. Get it while it’s on sale for $142.99.

Save $67 at Amazon

Credit: Frigidaire

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