Jesy Nelson officially quits Little Mix
Company Eternal Dance Media Ltd

Jesy Nelson officially quits Little Mix Company Eternal Dance Media Ltd

Jesy Nelson officially quits the company she established with Little Mix in preparation for her solo career launch… her bandmates also announce their 10th anniversary album

Jesy Nelson has officially retired from the business she set up with her Little Mix bandmates to look after their earnings.

Companies House registered a termination of the appointment of the singer (30) as director at Eternal Dance Media Ltd on Thursday.

After nine years of being involved in the group, the star quit the group. She said that her involvement had caused her to suffer from mental illness.

Exit stage left: Jesy Nelson, 30, has officially resigned as a director of Eternal Dance Media Ltd, the company she set up with her former Little Mix bandmates to handle their earnings

Exit Stage Left: Jesy Nelson (30) has officially resigned from Eternal Dance Media Ltd as director. This company was set up by her and former Little Mix members to manage their earnings.

They recorded six UK Top 10 albums as a quartet and four number-one singles. In order to maximize their income, they established Eternal Dance Media Ltd.

Jesy keeps teasing the imminent release of Boyz, her first solo single.

As she is preparing to face Little Mix on the charts, she was seen with an entire troupe of dancers filming her music video.

New horizons: Jesy left Little Mix in December 2020, saying the group was affecting her mental health, leaving Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 29, Perrie Edwards, 28, and Jade Thirlwall, 28

New perspectives: Jesy quit Little Mix in December 2020 because the group was negatively affecting her mental well-being. She left behind Perrie Edwards (28), and Jade Thirlwall (29).

New direction: Jesy officially resigned as a director of New Media Dance Ltd on August 19 as she prepares to launch her solo career

New direction: Jesy officially quit as New Media Dance Ltd director on August 19, as she plans to start her own solo career.

After teasing her solo debut, she was soon surrounded by street performers during an evening shoot in London.

Jesy was seen wearing a white tracksuit jacket with shorts and dancing to the beat while she was dressed up.

As they captured the footage on the streets of the capital, the troupe of dancers were seen demonstrating the exact same moves.

Rejoin us! Back!

Jesy is expected to release her solo song in the same chart battle as her bandmates.

Little Mix released a brand new album to commemorate their 10th anniversary.

Chart-topping girls group, Girl Group Between Us has unveiled its seventh studio collection.

Soon! As she gets ready to face Little Mix on the charts, Jesy Nelson was seen filming with a large group of dancers her brand new music video.

Teasing: The group of dancers could be seen copying the same moves as they recorded the video on a street in the capital

Teasing: A group of dancers were seen performing the same moves while filming the video in the capital’s street.

The LP is due to release November 12th. It will contain their best hits as well as brand new material. This release comes on the heels of a widely publicized solo project by a former bandmate, known as Boyz.

A video montage was also shown, which included their appearance on The X Factor 2011 and their subsequent performance in 2020’s Confetti. The trio stated that their next step to 2020’s Confetti would be “Between us 12.11…

“We’re so happy about this album. The album includes our classics as well as brand-new songs that we are excited to share with you. Thank you so much for all your support during the past ten years!

Jesy Nelson officially quits Little Mix
Company Eternal Dance Media Ltd

Little Mix has released their first album after Jesy Nelson’s departure.

“This album is dedicated to everyone who has listened, purchased an album, or sang at our concerts. Without you, #10YearsOfLittleMix, we wouldn’t have this album. You can pre-order the album by clicking on the link below.

Jesy has signed recently with Republic Records’ Ariana Grande. The track could be released at the same moment as Little Mix’s.

A source told The Sun: ‘Little Mix have had big plans for their tenth anniversary for a long time. These discussions were initiated while Jesy was still with the group.

After they postponed their tour, Perrie and Leigh Anne became pregnant. A celebration of their music seems like the best way to celebrate the occasion.

“It’s unfortunate that they all will have to hear it at the same time, as Jesy’s songs. They can’t do anything about it. She won’t be able to change their plans. They will make the most out of this decade’s incredible achievements.

Stunning: To mark their 10th anniversary, the group - comprising Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock - have unveiled their seventh studio album, 'Between Us'

Amazing: Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall, along with Leigh Anne Pinnock, have released their seventh studio album, “Between Us”, to mark their 10th Anniversary.


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