Next James Bond: Henry Golding avoids the 007 casting questions

Next James Bond: Henry Golding avoids the 007 casting questions

Next James Bond: Henry Golding avoids the 007 casting questions

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Golding was asked recently if he’d like to go on his Snake Eyes journey or if he wanted to take up the role of 007.

He said, “It’s about finding the right materials for you to use.” It is important to realize that although a project may take six months to complete, you could devote an entire year to this job.

“And it sometimes has multiple excursions to fulfill that role.” (Via Metro

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Golding addressed the question of whether Bond could be joined, saying: “Commitment [intellectual property] is absolutely something that’s required for IP [intellectual property], like Bond like Snake Eyes like any other like that.”

So who knows what the future holds? It is exciting to believe that change will occur, and it’s really intriguing to follow Snake Eyes’ lead.”

The Crazy Rich Asians actor dodged the question but his answer is very different to what he gave last month when he was asked the same question.

Golding answered a question about July’s role and said, “I suppose they are looking to another candidate so, naturally, any right kind of man would be willing to put his hand up for it.”

He smiled and said, “So certain, let’s discuss.”

Golding said, “Isn’t it wonderful that people are like, “OK, now’s the time. Why the hell can’t we have an Asian Bond or a Black Bond?”

Craig is likely to offer the role of 007 to Craig’s actor.

Ladbrokes awarded 20/1 to the actor for claiming this prestigious role.

Alex Apati, the firm’s CEO said that although Henry Goulding was not completely out of the running to succeed Daniel Craig but that his latest odds would suggest it would be a surprise if 007 chiefs opted for Crazy Rich Asians’ star.

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