Quantifying Quake – How dark fantasy FPS games have changed Forever

Quake, a 1996 id Software game, took players into new realms. Not just Gothic worlds beyond the Slipgate, where they battled monsters from other dimensions, but also a changing landscape in gaming, and the most important, the 3D graphics rendering.

QuakeCon 2021 announced the long-awaited release of Quake on modern hardware. The enhanced version of the game that revolutionized shooting has been made available. Quake is now available for PlayStation 4 as well as backwards compatibility on PlayStation 5 with next generation support. This re-release of the classic shooter reconnects FPS enthusiasts with an iconic title that continues to resonate in gaming culture.

Mike Rubits is a senior programmer for id Software. “You can take almost any piece of game today and trace it back the Quake work.” Quake was the benchmark for early 3D games in a world where hardware could sometimes be measured over months.

Kevin Cloud, executive producer of id Software and former artist for the original Doom, says that Quake is the first 3D shooter. He has worked at the company since 1992. Quake was more than a technological marvel. Its high-speed and high-skill gameplay has stood the test, and it is now available for new generations of gamers.

Cloud says that Quake’s appeal lies in its fast combat and movement, as well as the clear game mechanics. The re-release will preserve this element and allow for “moving faster and shooting quicker.”

Version Enhanced

The full campaign is available to players as a single player, with its expansions and cross-platform support. Players also have the option to play co-op up to 4 players or deathmatch up to 8 players. There are also lighting enhancements and model improvements.

PlayStation 5 owners can also enjoy additional features that take advantage of next-generation technology. Future support for native 4K resolutions and refresh rates of 120Hz will be available. Quake rereleases with DualSense wireless controller support. This allows players to experience haptic feedback and adaptive triggers as well as motion aiming and motion aiming through their peripherals. Rubits says that the DualSense controller “is a great controller, and I’m always curious to see how other games use it.” I support gyro aim for shooters, and DualSense’s motion controls make it a great controller.

Nightdive Studios and id Software are collaborating on the rerelease. They have a history of bringing retro shooters onto modern platforms. Nightdive Studios is also responsible for the rereleased Doom 64. Rubits says that based on their track record of modernizing older games, there is no better group to collaborate with.

Nightdive’s timing could not be more perfect, since gaming culture is currently experiencing a “retro shooter” revival – an explosion of FPS games which embrace the speed and fury of old shooters such as Doom and Wolfenstein.

Christian Grawert is a senior designer at MachineGames. He developed Wolfenstein II and Wolfenstein III: The New Colossus. All retro shooters take advantage of that. Quake also offers a lot of this, as well as excellent design and fun bestiaries.

Andrew Yoder, MachineGames Level Designer says that “for me, the greatest retro shooters” are all about defense and movement. Keep moving and prioritizing your targets. Stay alive. It’s possible to dance Quake. Learning how to avoid a fiend’s lunges or the “Shambler Dance” is an absolute joy.

The music

The soundtrack to Quake is another iconic part of the re-release. It was composed famously by Trent Reznor, his industrial music band Nine Inch Nails. The original music set Quake’s mood with an ambient, ethereal sound. It also helped to push the boundaries of music for games into the age we enjoy today.

“I can remember thinking that when we started, it would be a problem on how to create this music because all of the music up to that point had been chip music,” recalls Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails drummer) and a contributor to Quake’s original soundtrack. He also remembers a time when Reznor said that they needed a different approach if they were to make anything “innovative” and “cool.”

The soundtrack was streamed directly from the CD-ROM while the game was being played. This is exactly what you would expect from id Software, whose fame for getting the best out of software. Vrenna describes the musical freedom that this gave them. You were listening to an ambient Nine Inch Nails instrumental album, which was specifically made to be used with the game.


Quake’s creative and technical achievements are only half of the legacy. Quake’s industry-changing status was cemented once the game was in their hands.

Jerk Gustafsson is the Executive Producer at MachineGames. “Quake had a major influence on us – not just Quake but id Software, and pretty much all they did.” “I was able to get into the game thanks to the map pack “1964: Echoes of the Past” that I created for Quake II. Gustafsson is one of the many future developers who were sucked into Quake’s modding scene and another aspect of its long-term success.

“Playing was more social than a game. We got together and had some beers, and then we played games like Doom or Duke Nukem. After that, I made a winning bet on the local hockey team and was rewarded with some cash. I initially wanted to purchase a parrot because I thought it would make it fun to teach its basic commands, but one my close friends persuaded me to get a computer.

Gustafsson was born with a Pentium 90 computer and a modem. He says, “It was that combination which would forever change my world.” I loved the environment and the game. It wasn’t enough to play it, I also studied the game. After some time and the possibility to connect to Internet I found fan-made maps. I realized that I could actually create my own maps.

Quake was a great gamer’s choice.

With its re-release for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, another generation will be able to experience the same magic that made Quake a classic over the past quarter century. Long-time shooter veterans and novices alike will find it a great time to download Quake and discover what awaits you beyond the Slipgate.

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