Seven Ways To Make Your Business Excited!
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Seven Ways To Make Your Business Excited! To Follow

Seven Ways To Make Your Business Excited!
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Not so long ago, business leaders operated behind the scenes, and even long-time employees rarely heard from them or saw them in the news. Today, with the Internet and social media, if you aren’t visible in a positive way to everyone, including customers, your leadership efforts will be lost. You must be open to being a leader and have the right qualities.

My experience as an advisor for aspiring entrepreneurs is that most people assume their passion and innovative solutions will make them a leader. Customers and colleagues will follow their lead, ensuring business success. To make that happen, it may be more important to concentrate on how you present yourself as a leader rather than the actual value of what your offer is.

It is likely that you will need to add to your product plan some personal initiatives to make yourself a role model and business leader.

1. Assume a leadership position in your industry.

You can schedule time to participate in industry panels, conferences or TED talks. It may be appropriate to make a formal online position through blogs or interviews. Your presence is essential in viral videos and marketing campaigns, as well as interactions with customers.

Many people believe that Steve Jobs did not become a recognized business leader until after his return to Apple in 1997 when he became more visible, changed his business style, and focused on communicating the big picture, rather than product development.

2. Establish relationships with business leaders.

Never has the old saying “you’re known only by who you know” been truer. You can’t conceal relationships, or lack thereof in this age of internet access. My contacts have seen entrepreneurs who use stealth mode to avoid advisors or retain control.

Bill Gates was a friend and colleague in the beginning days of the IBM PC. I can attest that he was always seeking relationships with other more mature executives, and even today maintains a mentoring relationship with Warren Buffett.

3. Encourage an attitude of openness and willingness to learn.

All agree that a leader who is effective in today’s age of change needs to be open to learning, intellectually curious and seeking out wisdom from others. You won’t be regarded as a strong leader if you are narcissistic or defensive and autocratic leaders.

4. Be open to communication and always be available.

If people don’t understand where or why you’re going, they won’t be able to follow you. To ensure everyone understands your message, communicate it clearly using every possible channel, body language included. Keep your perspective open and positive about the future challenges.

5. Encourage trust and confidence.

Fears and doubts are part of life. To be trusted and confident, people will follow you. You must also show that you trust your coworkers and customers.

6. 6. Celebrate your achievements and set goals.

Your ability to set ambitious but achievable goals, provide milestones and celebrate your achievements are all indicators of your leadership ability. This includes public acknowledgment of individuals’ achievements and providing feedback.

7. You must be self-motivated and persistent in tackling key issues.

Business leaders must set an example for others by being able to tackle problems, not just give up, but take responsibility, and then move on. Everyone respects the ability to tackle a problem outside of your usual realm.

These attributes are essential to be a role model today for business leaders. However, some of you may not like the level of visibility or stress that comes with this position.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot be an entrepreneur or find success through your entrepreneurial efforts. You just need to adjust your goals to be true to yourself and have some fun. columnsists’ opinions are not the views of

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