The ban on posting adult content by creators of sexually explicit material is for lonely fans OnlyFans – Sexually explicit content

Entrepreneur was provided with a statement from OnlyFans stating that the changes were made to meet the demands of their banking partners.

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OnlyFans, the subscription based company that has amassed a substantial amount of adult content creators, has made a massive move in updating its content guidelines.

Translated: The site will now ban sexually explicit conduct.

In a statement to Entrepreneur, OnlyFans stated that “These changes were to comply with requests of our bank partners and pay providers.”

Out of 279,222 submitted requests, the company approved 114 065 new creator accounts.

This policy, which will be in effect on October 1, 2021, will allow nude content to still be uploaded as long as the Acceptable Use Policy is followed.

Per the site’s terms, nudity will be allowed so long that it is not public nudity that is being shot in a location where public nudity is deemed illegal.

Posting porno and/or video content will be prohibited.

Entrepreneur was told by Onlyfans that it is necessary to update the content guidelines in order to maintain the platform’s long-term viability and keep the community inclusive of creators and fans. __S.26__

According to the company, it would soon release more information about the policy update as it works with creators and moderates the process.

Since its creation in 2016, the site has generated more than $5 million from creators.

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