Twitter releases a number of updates to its Direct platform Message system

Did you have a Twitter DM conversation with a friend that ended up being a joke? This isn’t a common occurrence. Today, Twitter announced that it will roll out a few quality of life improvements to its direct messaging system over the next few weeks, including the ability to DM a tweet to multiple people at once in individual conversations. Researcher Jane Manchun Wong noticed that Twitter was working on this functionality last month.

This update could lead to spamming more people. You can only send one message at a time to no more than 20 people, which is still quite a large number. Users who receive these messages may not be aware that they are part of group spam. Individual DMs appear to be private messages and will look like one-to-one messages.

Twitter says Android users will have to wait a bit longer than iOS and web tweeters to gain access to this feature — and it’s unclear how long that will take, because in the past, it’s taken years for iOS DM updates to reach Android. As a consolation prize on iOS and Android, if you scroll down in a DM conversation you can return to the most recent message by pressing the down arrow button.

Twitter’s two other DM enhancements are still being implemented on iOS. Instead of timestamping messages by date and hour, the messages will now be grouped according to day. Individual DMs will still have a timestamp, but Twitter says that this change will yield “less timestamp clutter.

Finally, iOS users can access “add reaction” from both long-pressing a message or double tapping it in DMs. You can also delete a friend’s message from your account, report it, or copy it by long-pressing the message.

Image Credits: Twitter, screenshot by TechCrunch

Twitter announced that they are testing a feature which allows users to view their Revue newsletters from within Twitter’s profile. Twitter acquired this newsletter platform in January. It made more visible UI changes last week that, experts say, make the platform harder to use. Twitter implemented contrast adjustments on buttons within two days and discovered issues with the font Chirp for Windows.

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