US Data Breach Impacts on 40 Million T-Mobile Customers

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More than 40 million T-Mobile customers have been hit by a US data breach, the company has admitted.

The breach was attributed to a “highly skilled cyberattack”.

The company stated that it was taking immediate measures to protect any individuals at-risk from cyberattacks.

According to the firm, although criminals have stolen personal data, financial information has not been leaked.

This breach was discovered after online reports that T-Mobile customers’ data had been sold online by criminals.

The US telecom giant confirmed that hackers had gained access to its systems on Monday.

It stated that it was informed about claims in an internet forum last week by a “bad actor” that T-Mobile’s systems had been compromised.

We immediately started an extensive investigation of these claims, and brought in top-notch cybersecurity experts to assist with our assessment.

We located the source of illegal access to our server’s servers and closed it immediately.

According to the company, its investigation found approximately 7.8 Million T-Mobile Postpaid Customer Account Information in the stolen files. There were also just under 40,000,000 records from former customers or potential customers that had applied for T-Mobile credit.

According to the company, approximately 850,000 T-Mobile customer numbers, account PINs and phone numbers were exposed. However it stated that all accounts had been reset in order to safeguard customers.

The company stated that the file of prospective and current customers contained no financial or phone information, such as account numbers or PINs.

The company stated that they take the protection of their customers very seriously. They will work round the clock to complete this forensic investigation in order to make sure we’re taking good care of them following this attack.

We want to share our initial findings, even though our investigation may continue.

In 2015, hackers stole personal data of over 15 million TMobile customers.

T-Mobile’s former UK customers have not been affected by this data breach.

T-Mobile UK, the UK division of the company was rebranded under EE in 2012. It was sold to BT for over PS12bn in 2016.

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