2023 BMW i7 rendering shows a polarizing layout

2023 BMW i7 rendering shows a polarizing layout

The next-generation BMW 7 Series will have a lot of controversy. While the current 7 Series Limousine started out with a safe design, the facelift introduced a significant design shift: The largest kidney grilles on any BMW.

The G70/G70 models will follow the same route in 2023 and it will definitely cause some controversy. Today’s spy photo is the latest in a series of renderings and photos that we already have. We’re seeing a brand new interpretation of 7er thanks to @kdesignag. Only this time, it is in electric form.

Rendering by instagram.com/kdesignag

The new 7 Series family of cars will feature split headlights and a larger kidney grill, as well as a rectangular body shape, classic BMW design elements, and will launch in 2023. A redesigned engine bonnet is available, featuring a low profile and impressive visual length.

Rendering by instagram.com/kdesignag

With the addition of some long, sleek taillights to the boot, the rear-end remains upright. Rear bumper eliminates unnecessary exhaust pipes, focusing on a more aerodynamic design. Side view also shows the aero wheels, which are a standard feature of electric cars.

The next-generation BMW 7 Series will need a new look and a vastly improved interior to be competitive with the S-Class. It was a long way behind the times when it launched, and the next-gen BMW 7 Series will need to catch up.

The interior design is still a mystery. However, we expect a large LCD display, similar to the iX’s, as well as iDrive 8 along with a simple and minimalistic central console.

Rendering by instagram.com/kdesignag

All-electric models of the 7 Series are most anticipated. This list includes the rear-driven i740, as well as two range-topping xDrive models: i750 M60 and i7 M60. The latter is the official successor to the V12-powered M760i. According to rumors, the high-end electric 7 Series will boast a peak power output of 650 horsepower and a battery capacity of 120 kWh. It is also expected to offer a staggering 700km range. BMW will likely preview its next-generation 7 Series sometime in spring 2022.

[Renderings of @kdesignag]

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