Council accused of not caring about caravan owners
Class's proposed age limits are higher than those of the class

Council accused of not caring about caravan owners Class’s proposed age limits are higher than those of the class

One of the opponents to Kingfisher Caravan Park’s limits in Ingoldmells made the claim in a written statement. This issue was caused by the Council’s setting a maximum age for site caravans. It claims it is a 20 year limit.

According to the group, the deadline for the removal of certain caravans has been set by the council at the end of 2012.

In a letter addressed to the Chancellor by Mr Allen, he argues for the removal of the age limit.

The text reads, “The obvious thing commercially to do is to stop it, admit the errors and encourage those who are still with the council to continue.”

Some would choose to upgrade while others would say that the site has returned to its original glory, encouraging more sales and increasing revenue.

The council must set an example for good business practices and operate without regard to an individual’s financial ability.

The council used the stern ‘accept/leave’ approach. Other sites watched closely. The council was able to do this, so other sites followed their lead.

“What message is this sending – The council doesn’t care about working-class people.”

East Lindsey District Council responded to the letter of Mr Allen by saying that they are now discussing ways to increase the age limit.

Lincolnshire Live was informed by the council: “As an organization that listens and learns from its customers, currently we consult our licensees regarding the possibility of raising the maximum age limit for caravans in our park.

We are grateful for all the feedback we have received so far.

We want as many licensees to be heard as possible, and we really hope that everyone will take the time to comment on our proposal. reached out to both Kingfisher Caravan Park as well East Lindsey District Council in order for them to comment.

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