Destiny 2 Xur: What is Xur selling today?

Destiny 2 Xur: What is Xur selling today?

Today, where is Xur? That’s the usual question asked at the end of the week, with Guardians eager to trade their Destiny Legendary Shards for shiny new loot.

The good news? We will soon find out where Agent of Nine is hiding. Xur is scheduled to visit a nearby tree on Friday, Aug 20.

We don’t yet know where he’ll be appearing, but there’s a lot of options available. It won’t take long for gamers to find him.

Xur usually returns at 6pm BST. He typically stays until Tuesday, August 24, for the weekly reset.

Bungie will be revealing its Season 15 plans this year, and things are slightly different.

It will feature a complete showcase that is set to begin before the weekly reset and some important news.

This is the good news: Xur should not be affected by any of these things. You will still be able sell your Legendary Shards as usual.

Last week, Xur sold the Prometheus lens for 29 Legendary Shards and Graviton Forfeit at 23 Legendary Shards. Synthoceps was available for 23 Legendary Shards. The Vesper of Radius cost 23.

We’ll share Xur’s location when he returns to the Destiny 2 map at the top.

Legendary Shards, which are used by Xur to trade or improve other items and gear, can be forgotten.

You should note that Xur may drop items with similar power levels to your characters.

Another aspect of Xur is also new in Destiny 2, where he can now drop Cipher Quests free of charge.

You will be rewarded with an exotic Cipher if you complete the Quest. Last week, this included winning 21 Strikes and/or Crucible matches.

Guardians have the opportunity to acquire an Exotic Engram every week using Legendary Shards. These Exotics will be decrypted as Exotics not yet in your collection.

One of the few areas that remain unchanged in the game is Xur. It provides almost the exact same services back as the original game.

Bungie confirmed in their latest TWAB that the Trials of Osiris is still being modified.

“Target farming Trials weapon is now more effective in Season 15 and we have cool new perks that players can use to make Trials weapons even better.

All Trials weapon available in Season 15 have now seven perks (vs. 5).

We also plan to refresh the Prophecy Dungeon’s loot. After seeing a lot of feedback about bringing forward Weapons Original Rewards from Trials of the Nine, we thought it would be a good idea to add these items to the Nine-themed Dungeon.

These weapons can be upgraded by random rolls, and some will drop in specific encounters at the Prophecy Dungeon.

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