Google Chrome can be used by hackers to gain control over your computer.
Here's how to stop them

Google Chrome can be used by hackers to gain control over your computer. Here’s how to stop them

Google Chrome users should download the latest update to the browser right away to protect themselves from a series of new security threats. This latest update for Google Chrome version 92.2 is available. It is intended to help users protect themselves from nine vulnerabilities.

Google has classified seven vulnerabilities as high-risk. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, (CISA) states that one of these vulnerabilities is “high risk” and could be used to allow an attacker “to control the affected system”. It’s scary.

Hackers could gain control over your computer and steal your bank details and payment information, lock your files away until you pay a ransom or send malware via your email.

Google released an update to fix the problem, but make sure that you have downloaded it and installed it.

To fix this issue, Chrome users should download the 92.0.4515.159 upgrade. Srinivas Sista is the technical program manager for the Chrome web browser. He has detailed all of the problems that were fixed by the Chrome latest update.

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Sista stated that the Chrome patch to fix these vulnerabilities will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users within the next few days. Researchers who identified these vulnerabilities in Google Chrome were also awarded rewards, according to the blog post.

Manfred Paul was one of the researchers who found two Chrome flaws. He was awarded $21,000 each for his findings.

Speaking to Security Week, Paul explained that these flaws could be used for arbitrary code execution.

To do this, a malicious actor must exploit another vulnerability in order to bypass the Google Chrome Sandbox. You might think that this vulnerability can be difficult to exploit.

Google fixed a problem that could have allowed bad actors to bypass the Chrome Sandbox a few weeks back.

Thankfully, according to Forbes, there are no reports of any of the recently disclosed vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild.

But Chrome users should not let this give them false security. They need to make sure they have the most recent security patches installed as quickly as possible. Immersive Labs’s Sean Wright stated that the new findings highlight the value of public bug bounty programs. Wright said, “These findings are positive and show the importance of public bug bounty programmes.

It’s encouraging to see researchers uncovering ethical issues and fixing them quickly and efficiently to stop malicious exploitation of wild animals.

Google Chrome updates are usually done in the background. However, if the browser hasn’t been closed in a while you might need to ask the app for the most recent patch.

Click More to see if there is a pending update. It’s located right under the Omnibox and shows three vertical dots.

You should click on the “Update Google Chrome” option if you require an update. To get the most recent patch, click on it.

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