Got a Nintendo Switch? Get a Surprise Bonus for Free
Right now

Got a Nintendo Switch? Get a Surprise Bonus for Free Right now

Nintendo Switch users can now download the demo to get an exclusive first-party offer.

WarioWare: Get It Together will be available on Nintendo Switch in September. It promises to be one the best multiplayer experiences this year.

Switch users can now get their hands on the demo version for free.

You can download the WarioWare: Get It Together demo from Nintendo Switch’s eShop for free.

Enjoy a Free WarioWare! Official description: Demo available right now

You can either download the game from Nintendo eShop or on this page. Just sign in to your Nintendo Switch and click the ‘Download Demo’ button.

A selection of microgames are featured in the demo, and can be played as various characters within the large cast.

Every character is unique and can use their abilities to finish the microgames.

Wario is known for his microgames that revolve around using his jetpack. 18-Volt uses a disc to hit enemies, move objects and remove paint.

The ability-based actions allow for multiple ways to complete the microgames.

Even though the demo has multiplayer support for two people, I have yet to test this feature.

Nintendo says, “This time two people can work together to complete hundreds of microgames,”

You’ll need to be lightning quick in order to overcome these challenges, whether it’s pulling armpit hairs out or grabbing bin bags!

The demo asks players to complete as many microgames quickly as they can, but the final game will have a variety of game modes.

Story mode is the place where you will find most of your bonus characters.

“Wario is trapped with his friends in their latest company game. Only you can rescue them. Clear microgames. This is the first step to unlock additional characters and modes.

There’s also the Variety Pack which includes ten games, both single-player and multi-player. The Wario Cup is an online game that allows fans to compete for space in the leaderboards.

WarioWare : Get It Together will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch starting September 10.

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