Here are six European locations that can help you get paid to travel abroad.
People will be paid to go there

Here are six European locations that can help you get paid to travel abroad. People will be paid to go there

Europe is home to millions of British expats who have packed up and relocated. Although this means that many expats have to spend a lot, there are places which offer cash for new residents.

These are due to various schemes that aim to increase the number of workers or attract talent to certain countries.

William Russel’s research shows that there are six major European hotspots where such schemes are being run.

What six European countries will offer people the best deal to live and work in your country?


Spain is a hugely popular country for British expats, however, they often tend to flock together in specific communities.

Many of Spain’s small towns and villages are now displaced by the urban sprawl.

Spain launched several schemes in collaboration with local towns to help people return to their traditional villages and show some love and care to those whose homes have been neglected.

Rubia is a mountainous region in Galicia. The local township provides additional income by paying EUR100 (approximately P85) and EUR150 (approximately P128) each month to move there.

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Legrad, a Croatian village, was the second-most populated in the country. However, the population has declined dramatically over the past century.

New scheme to attract newcomers is the sale of homes starting at 1 Kuna, which equals approximately 11p.

Many of these houses will need a lot more work in order to be restored to their original glory.

The state will contribute more than PS2,900 to the renovation.

But there’s a catch. The new citizens need to be financially secure, younger than 40 years old and willing to remain for at least 15 more years.

Republic of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is a good option for those that don’t wish to move too far away from their home.

Entrepreneurs are needed to open new business ventures in the Emerald Isle.

The Republic of Ireland launched its own start-up capital fund to attract new talent.

Enterprise Ireland hopes that the scheme will support employment creation and increase export revenues from Ireland.

Enterprise Ireland is available to all citizens of any country, however they must register their business in Ireland.

The successful applicants must prove that their company can create at least 10 new jobs, and generate sales of EUR1,000,000 in the first three year.


Italy is another nation that is welcoming newcomers who are willing to renovate some of its homes.

The country sold homes in recent years for as low as EUR 1 but they are likely to take a long time to restore.

Although it’s not an immediate cash amount for moving into the area, you can save a lot on your property.

The new owners must meet these criteria by renovating their home within a reasonable amount of time – typically, around three years.

They could be charged an annual fee if they do not meet this deadline.


Switzerland offers new residents around PS18.400 as a reward for their move to Albinen, a remote village.

Albinen Council is giving cash incentives to adults, and children may also get a windfall in the amount of PS7,338.

There are however some restrictions on the financial benefits.

To be eligible, an adult must not exceed 45 years of age.

The bonus is only available to Swiss citizens, who must be willing to stay for at least 10 years.

This means that you have to have been in Switzerland for at least 12 years, or five with a type A permit.

Alternativly, applicants may be eligible if they are married to a Swiss citizen and have submitted their citizenship application prior to the expiration of 10 years.

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