How to combine, destroy and create Humankind Cities and Outposts Keep them steady

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about Humankind outposts and cities. One of the first things you’ll do in the new 4X game is place an outpost, as your nomadic tribe puts down roots and begins to develop the infrastructure to support districts and developments. Once you reach the Ancient era you will be able to convert your outpost into an actual city. You can expand on this however.

You must claim territory on the Humankind map.Create an OutpostThis is what you get when you buy one of your unitsInfluenceIt is. It will take several turns to construct the outpost after it is placed. The time required depends on how strong the army and industry surrounding it. You can have it completed immediately for a small fee.

ToAttach outposts citiesThe outpost must have territory that is adjacent to the territory of the city. You will need to pay an influence fee based on how many territories your city has, its distance from the closest city and whether the territory falls within an enemy’s sphere. You can free-of-charge remove an outpost from a city, but it must be paid to attach again. You can transform your outpost into a city once it has reached one person. This is everything you need about managing a city in Humankind.

How to lower your city’s Humankind rating

Are you wondering how to lower the Humankind rating of your city? You might have acquired a city from independent citizens but lack the infrastructure. You can’t turn an old city into an outpost. But, it is possible.Merge citiesOnce you have completed your research on Military Architecture during the Medieval period.

Click the “absorb” button beside the desired city.

Humankind’s guide to moving your capital city

After researching Imperial Power during the Classical Era, you can move your capital to another location.


How to increase your Humankind City cap

Throughout the game, your civilisation is able to support more cities without incurring penalties. These are some ways to increase your city capital:

  • 1 from the Classical era of Philosophy technology
  • +1 from Foreign Outposts technology during the Classical era
  • +1 from theology technology during Medieval times
  • +1 from Mercantilism technology during the Early Modern era
  • Three-Masted Ship Technology in the Early Modern Era: +1
  • Urban Planning Technology in the Industrial Era – +1
  • +3 Space Orbital, Contemporary Era
  • You can choose ‘Small Council,’ the civic leadership.
  • +2 From the Achaemenid Pers’ Legacy Trait, Cyrus’ Shadow

You should note that the city limit is a soft cap. If you are able to weather the influence penalty, feel free and have as many cities as your budget allows.


Humankind’s stability: How can we increase it?

Humankind is dependent on stability. Each city’s stability value determines the quality of its city’s functioning. Your city is stable if it has between 0 and 29%.mutinousIf you cannot build new areas, your people will become independent and mutinous. Stability is between 30-90%TensedYou have equal chances of both positive and negative events. Additionally, you gain one influence for every population. You should aim for 91-100% stability. This gives you a greater chance of experiencing positive events and two more influence per person.

There are many factors that can affect the stability of your city; they all impact how you feel.For every district, -10You build andFor every territory that you attach, -20You can find out more. These deductions do not apply immediately to your stability values. They modify your target stability values by five points per turn. Your stability value is not affected by these deductions. They modify a target stability value, which your actual stability value trends towards by five points each turn.Influence or money per round is the key to successThis also subtracts 1 stability each turn.

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You canStability can be increasedStationing an army unit at the main square of the city can increase your stability by five points. Your stability will increase if you build military areas. There are also some infrastructure families that can help.

  • Water Fountain in Public Hygiene: An ancient era
  • The Classical Era: Aqueduct for Public Hygiene, City Watch to Policing
  • Medieval Age: Apothecary in Healthcare
  • Industrial era: Police Force in Policing, Hospital in Health
  • Modern era: Sewage Treatment Plants in Public Hygiene

There are many technologies available that increase stability, including legacy traits such as the Achaemenid Pers’ Cyrus’ Shadow which gives +10 stability to a city/outpost.

Your stability is affected by your city status. Having a ‘Locked down’ or “Harmonious” title increases stability while having a ‘Flooded or Defiant title decreases it.

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You can improve your stability by participating in various city activities.

  • ItCivic religious ritualsYou have the ability to start a “procession” in your city. This grants you +10 stability for 10 turn at five dollars per person.
  • Itunbelievers civicYou can unlock the ability to “start inquisition”, which allows you to sacrifice one person in return for +10 stability over five turns.
  • ItAztecs’ Sacrificial Altar districtYou can unlock the ability to “sacrifice people” and give +20 stability for ten times.


Humankind’s best strategy for destroying cities

You’re looking for ways to demolish a city? Here’s how. Bring an army unit near the city. Then, use the army action menu’s ‘ransack option. The process can take several rounds, but the end result will be a complete destruction of your city.

However, it’s difficult to simply walk up to any city and erase its name from the map. It’s likely that you will need to fight multiple battles and even win a siege. You can read more about that in our Humankind war guide.

Cities were occupied by the human race

You don’t have to add a city you occupied during wars with other civilisations. The city will remain occupied for the duration of the war until you can claim it in the surrender negotiations. Keep some armies near a city that you wish to retain, because it could be taken back by the enemy during the ongoing war.

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This is all you need to know regarding cities in Humankind. For more Humankind tips, see our guide to cross the ocean in Humankind. We also have a guide for creating Humankind AI persons and Humankind difficulty settings.

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