Jenn Harley was charged with domestic violence.
Joseph Ambrosole and June Incident

Jenn Harley was charged with domestic violence. Joseph Ambrosole and June Incident

Jenn Harley was charged with one count of misdemeanor and assault battery after a June domestic dispute with her boyfriend Joseph Ambrosole

  • Ronnie Ortiz Magro, a Jersey Shore veteran facing two charges is Ronnie Ortiz Magro: One felony charge of assault with deadly weapons and one misdemeanor battery
  • Michael Cristalli, Harley’s lawyer, told TMZ the charges were ‘unsubstantiated.
  • Harley and Joseph Ambrosole were involved in an incident of domestic violence on June 19.
  • After a night out, she was reported to have shouted racist slurs at Joseph and pointed a gun towards him.
  • Hartley was taken into custody in Las Vegas by law enforcement after fleeing her home during a heated argument
  • She checked in to a 28-day alcohol rehabilitation program on her own initiative a month later

Jenn Harley was charged with 2 counts in connection to a June incident of domestic violence with Joseph Ambrosole.

According to legal documents obtained Friday by TMZ, Ronnie Ortiz Magro is facing one felony charge of assault with a fatal weapon and one misdemeanor battery count in Nevada.

After a heavy night, Harley allegedly got into an altercation on June 19 with Ambrosole. She allegedly threatened to shoot her n ****’, and she also threatened to kill her right f ****** Now.

Facing charges: Jenn Harley faces one felony count of assault with a deadly weapon and one misdemeanor count of battery in the state of Nevada after a June 19 domestic violence incident with boyfriend Joseph Ambrosole; pictured in June 19 booking photo

Jenn Harley is facing two felony counts of assault with deadly weapon and one misdemeanor charge of battery in Nevada. This was after an incident that occurred June 19, in which Jenn witnessed domestic violence with Joseph Ambrosole.

Michael Cristalli, Harley’s lawyer, told TMZ the charges were ‘unsubstantiated’.

Cristalli maintained his client’s trust and said that there was going to be overwhelming mitigation evidence [that] Jenn didn’t commit any crime]. “

After a night on the town, she began throwing racial insults and brandishing her gun at Ambrosole.

The evening was described by law enforcement to the newspaper at the time. They also spoke out about the drama between Crazy Horse 3 and Crazy Horse 3 in Las Vegas, which then continued at home.

The night in question: On June 19 Harley got into a heated altercation with Ambrosole whom she allegedly pointed a gun at while threatening 'I'll shoot you n****' and 'I'll kill you right f****** now,' following a night of heavy drinking; pictured June 18

After a heavy night, Harley allegedly got into an altercation on June 19, where she threatened to shoot Ambrosole and point a gun at her while saying “I’ll shoot your n ****'” as well as “I’ll kill it f ****** right now.”

According to reports, the duo disagreed over the amount of alcohol she drank and the best place for them to park their car. They continued their argument into the club where security asked them to get out.

The argument continued on the way home, where Harley’s anguish allegedly escalated to the point that she even tried throwing his phone out of the window.

Harley, who was reportedly looking for his phone at the station, pulled over and got in the car’s driver seat. He left the vehicle stranded. This forced him to search for his way home, which led to more violence.

According to authorities, Ambrosole said Ambrosole told them that he had arrived at their home and continued to have conversations with Harley, after which Harley threatened Ambrosole with the gun before fleeing.

Happier times: The pair who are now said to be exes are pictured in Las Vegas just one month before the incident

Happy times: Just one month prior to the incident, the pair were pictured together in Las Vegas.

Police eventually caught her and booked her for domestic violence assault with deadly weapon, which she will face in court. __S.33__

Gina Rodriguez, her representative for Harley told TMZ just one month following the incident that occurred on the weekend Ortiz Magro and Ortiz Magro were engaged. __S.35__

“Jenn Harley decided to go to a Las Vegas rehabilitation facility in order to get treatment for her alcohol dependence.” The statement stated that she made this decision because she wanted to be the best mother she could be to her children. __S.38__

Harley has a son, Mason, who is 11 years old from her previous partnership. She also shares a daughter Ariana, three years old with the Jersey Shore veteran. __S.40__

Treatment: Just one month after the incident her rep told TMZ that Harley had checked into a 28-day program of her own volition for alcohol; pictured May 24

The treatment: Harley’s rep informed TMZ just one month later that Harley checked in to a 28-day alcohol program.

And their on-off relationship from 2017 to 2019 was also rife with issues including numerous physical altercations, cheating allegations, and domestic violence arrests on both sides.

She showed up at a Vegas hotel to film Season 2 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation in 2018.

She was later arrested for domestic battery just weeks after she was accused of hitting him in the face with a knife and then dragging him along with a car, causing him injuries.

However, she did not face any charges due to insufficient evidence. She denied the fact and turned it against him. But, in 2019, she was again arrested for domestic battery.

Their daughter: Jenn and Ronnie dated on and off from 2017 to 2019 and they share a three-year-old daughter Ariana together

They have a daughter, Ariana.


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