Jurgen Klopp makes Fabinho statements after Liverpool's star player.
dad dies

Jurgen Klopp makes Fabinho statements after Liverpool’s star player. dad dies

Following the death of his father, Jurgen Klopp sent his best wishes to Fabinho from Liverpool. Rebeca Tavares, the Brazilian partner of Fabinho, confirmed this devastating news via social media. Fabinho will now be absent Saturday’s match against Burnley (1:30pm).

This is the second occasion in a short time that Liverpool’s squad has been hit by so much sadness following Alisson’s death earlier this year.

Jose Agostinho Becker, the goalkeeper’s father, tragically drowned in a nearby dam while on holiday at Lavras do Sul.

Liverpool allowed their number one to take some time off the field in grief after he was unable to attend the Sheffield United win by 2-0.

Klopp made clear that Fabinho’s privacy would be protected, suggesting that he will allow the player to decide when Fabinho is available for Burnley.

It is private. Klopp stated that he was here to help and do what he can.

We all felt for him, and we are there with him. He received all of our love and support.

We sent our deepest condolences and love to the family. Rest is private.

Tavares, Fabinho’s Partner tweeted this morning: “Morning y’all. If you are looking for …. on Instagram, this is the answer. Fabinho’s dad has died. He will be greatly missed.”

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Later, she paid tribute to Joao Roberto, promising to look after his son, Fabinho.

Tavares said, “Father in-law,” and that he will be forever remembered for his smile and passion.

I thank God that it was my privilege to know you. You will be the grandfather of your grandchildren.

I love you. “I’ll be there for [Fabinho].

Fabinho was on the bench during last Saturday’s 3-0 victory at Norwich.

Liverpool’s “Lighthouse” has slowly been increasing his physical fitness since he was involved in the Copa America Brazil this summer.

Klopp was originally expected to face the Clarets tomorrow, but Fabinho may force him into a rethink.

Although the Reds are looking for two wins, Sean Dyche’s team have won four points in their previous two Anfield visits.

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