Marvel boss announces Iron Man replacement's debut movie

Marvel boss announces Iron Man replacement’s debut movie

Marvel boss announces Iron Man replacement's debut movie

Avengers Endgame shocked Marvel fans in 2019 when Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) gave his life to defeat Thanos (“Josh Brolin”) and save the universe. With the loss of Iron Man, the Avengers have been left without a de facto leader – especially considering Captain America was also retired from battle. Iron Man’s replacement is already known and she will make her debut soon.

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Disney revealed that their character Ironheart would be flying in the Disney Plus show with the same name. The role will be performed by Dominique Thorne, Judas and Black Messiah fame.

Ironheart, the alter-ego of Riri Wilkins, is a young Black woman known for her super genius.

She built the Iron Man suit using her amazing intellect, and she called herself Ironheart.

Kevin Feige announced this week that Thorne had already started shooting scenes for Riri’s role in Black Panther 2, kicking off the next generation of Iron Man.

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Feige stated at the Shang-Chi premiere that Black Panther: Wakanda forever is being shot right now. The character Riri Williams will be seen in Black Panther 2 as well.

Marvel Studios boss said that “She began shooting, I believe, this week prior to her Ironheart series.” (Via Comic Book).

The release date of the Ironheart series is not known at the moment, however it will be after Wakanda Forever’s character’s origins.

As yet, it is not clear if Riri Williams will play Wakandan or if her role is merely to appear as an observer.

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The Ironheart show is being written by Chinaka Hodge, of Netflix‘s Snowpiercer fame.

Riri still has much to do after Stark’s death, but she is a popular character in the MCU.

Her comic book debut was published in November 2016, and received a lot of love.

It was the fifth-best-selling comic in North America that month, selling more than 97,000 copies.

Fans have asked for Downey Jr. to return to the series. However, it is possible.

The star was asked if he would reprise his role in 2020 films.

His reply was: “Well…I have taken my seat, now. To save in the real-world. But never say never.”

You can now watch all of the Iron Man or Avengers films on Disney Plus.


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