Monty Don’s furious Brexit rant : “Complete nonsense” ridiculous fantasy!’

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Monty and the Duchess have teamed up for a BBC Gardeners’ World special. She was welcomed to Longmeadow by Monty, who will share her passion for gardening. The pair will chat about what she enjoys growing most as they explore the Jewel Garden.

Camilla talks at one time about how vital gardens and gardening are for our well-being, particularly over the 18 month period with various lockdowns.

Her appearance will likely attract a wealth of viewers, the show already having a loyal following, built up by Monty and his predecessor, Alan Titchmarsh, over the previous decades.

Since 2003, Monty joined the team and has been presenting the show out of his Herefordshire backyard garden.

He is now well-known for his extensive horticultural knowledge.

Monty Don: The TV gardeners launched into a furious rant about Brexit before the vote (Image: Youtube/Lorraine)

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: The royal made a special appearance on Gardeners’ World (Image: PA)

He hasn’t been stopped from sharing his opinions outside of gardening.

Monty talked to Radio Times in 2016 about the forthcoming vote. He expressed hope that the UK would remain an EU member.

He called the Leave camp’s wish to leave “nonsense.”

Monty said: “I very strongly feel that we should remain within Europe. All things will improve.

“Leaving is nonsense, and it’s a crazy fantasy.

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Prince Charles: The future king on the set of BBC Gardeners’ World live in 2005 (Image: GETTY)

We are all European, for good or bad. It is time to work towards making Europe a better place and not turning back the clock.

“There is good stuff being done in Europe, using urban spaces for environmental and aesthetic advantage.

We can all learn from this.

We are an isolated nation.


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Gardeners’ World: Monty joined the show in 2003 (Image: PA)

Celebrity news: In the Nineties, Monty and his wife, Sarah, neared bankruptcy (Image: PA)

We’re good at inventing and creating, but not so good at learning from other people.

“I am optimistic that the referendum will be successful, but to listen the media you might imagine people talking about nothing, while around me I have never heard of it.

“Still, I will exercise my vote, although I’m not a party partisan at all – I have no party feeling whatsoever.”

Monty’s dreams did not last.

Brexit: The series of events that led to the UK’s departure (Image: Express Newspapers)

Britain voted to exit the EU at 52-48 percent earlier in the year, officially leaving the single markets and the customs union.

Meanwhile, speaking during this evening’s Gardeners’ World, the Duchess of Cornwall said she believed gardening was something that “got people through” the pandemic.

She stated that they realized how unique a garden is and the possibilities it offers. They could also become creative, even though they didn’t know they were able to grow vegetables.

It was an experience of spirituality for them. They discovered a kind of connection with the soil. You can walk into a garden, and completely forget about everything else.

Lockdown: Monty speaking to ITV’s Lorraine during lockdown in 2020 (Image: Youtube/Lorraine)

You’re in the midst of nature. There are birds singing and bees buzzing around. Gardens have a healing power.

She went on to talk about the importance of attracting wildlife into the garden, and revealed that she, like millions of gardeners across the country, faces the same issues of mice or voles.

There’s always more! She said.

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