Peacock TV will be coming to the UK, with its live Frogger show.

Peacock TV will be coming to the UK, with its live Frogger show.

Peacock TV will be coming to the UK, with its live Frogger show.

Peacock TV is not yet available in the UK. However, once it arrives, you will be able watch live action Frogger shows.

Frogger was released for the first time in 1981. It has been sold more than 20 million times since then.

It was simple to move a frog around the levels. The biggest problem is to get to the top within the given time and avoid all obstacles.

Crossy Road continues the legacy of Crossy Road’s simple, yet captivating gameplay on smartphones.

Now, 2021 is the year that someone decided to make a Frogger live action experience. NBCUniversal is releasing a new television show that will feature real people facing Frogger-inspired obstacle courses.

Froggers who are America’s best Froggers will be awarded a cash prize.

Frogger’s American TV debut will take place on September 9, via the Peacock streaming platform.

Peacock TV has not been made available to the UK yet, and it is unknown if Frogger will also be included in this service.

We do know, however that Peacock TV will be coming to the UK in 2021 under a partnership with Sky TV.

Peacock will be made available by Sky and NBCUniversal at no extra cost to almost 20 million Sky European customers.

Peacock, which will be making its international debut on Sky platforms including Sky Q and NOW later in the year, will serve customers across the UK, Ireland and Germany.

All Sky TV customers will have access to ad-supported Peacock programming at no extra cost. It is included in the entertainment subscription on NOW or Sky Ticket and includes hit shows such as The Office, Rutherford Falls and Saved by the Bell.

Comcast also confirms that Peacock will keep expanding its content catalog, drawing from Peacock Originals as well as NBCUniversal’s legendary library of movies and series.

It seems that Frogger could be coming to the UK later in the year.

Sky Group CEO Dana Strong stated, “Peacock is a wonderful addition to Sky customers, with more than 7,000 hours content for no extra cost.

“This extraordinary value addition is yet another example of how we innovate to deliver more benefits for our customers through the synergies between Sky, NBCUniversal and Comcast Cable.”

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