Piers Morgan, a 'bad taste' was called out for issuing chilling
An analogy to Taliban "stoning"

Piers Morgan, a ‘bad taste’ was called out for issuing chilling An analogy to Taliban “stoning”

Recently, it was reported that Taliban members killed a Afghan woman for leaving home in her burka. Now, Piers Morgan has taken to social media, claiming he wouldn’t trust a word the Taliban say. Some of his followers were unimpressed by the analogy and criticized him.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter, 56, is no stranger to airing his opinions on social media and his latest post is certainly no different.

This comes as the Taliban push for power in Afghanistan after their recent takeover.

Fox News reported earlier this week that a woman was brutally murdered in Taloqan, north-eastern Afghanistan.

According to reports, she was murdered for wearing a burka when she left her house.

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The Taliban’s oppression of women in the past restricted their rights, and public executions, including stoning, were a regular sight.

The group insists that they do not want to see Afghanistan return under this type of government, and instead seek a genuine Islamic system in Afghanistan.

Piers Morgan, however, seems to be shaken by the news and has started sharing his feelings on social media.

Piers wrote: In light of his 7.9million followers, Piers said that he wouldn’t trust Taliban so far as they throw rocks at women’s heads.

Piers was not the only one who agreed with them.

“Totally!” The problem for the Taliban now is social media and mobile phones. One said that there will be evidence to prove what was going on.

A second person said, “It’s unfathomable that any country would accept, adhere or acknowledge them in any manner.” As we allow this crisis to unfold, and continue our silence, it’s all talk without any action.

A Taliban spokesperson spoke out earlier in the week, at a Kabul press conference. He said that Afghanistan’s future will be guided by “national ethics” as well as “national tradition,” which is strictly Sharia Law.

He continued to say that “nobody” will be permitted to interfere in Afghanistan’s Islamic affairs and added that anything “against this doctrine” will not be tolerated.

As the Taliban set to reverse decades of time, the Taliban have spoken these words. Women will be made to stay home while girls aged 12 and over are expelled from school.

The Taliban used to follow strict Sharia interpretations as their previous rules.

Prior to that, women’s access to education and employment was restricted and public executions such as stoning and death were commonplace.

This group claims it does not want to see Afghanistan return under this type of government, but it is seeking a genuine Islamic system in Afghanistan.

Suhail Shaheen was previously a spokesperson for the Taliban in Qatar. He did not deny the possibility that stonings could be returned, which would mean cutting the fingers and hands of those being punished, along with public executions.

According to him, the BBC asked: “I cannot say right now. That’s up the judges at the courts and laws.

“The law will determine the appointment of judges.”

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