PlayStation-exclusive prehistoric adventure Wild has According to some reports, the order was cancelled

Michel Ancel, the creator of this site, has retired last year.

Wild, the promising PlayStation-exclusive open-world survival adventure from Wild Sheep Studio, is reportedly no longer in development.

Wild, which was announced in 2014 to release on PS4, would have been published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Rayman creator Michel Ancel and Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel were at the helm – until Rayman retired from games in 2020.

Wild only properly surfaced one more time following its announcement – at Paris Games Week in 2015 – and gameplay details remain limited to his day. However, we do know that players could play the role of a Shaman and possess a range of wild animals, including bears, eagles, snakes, as well as call upon the assistance of the deities to help them explore the prehistoric, vast world.

Paris Games Week 2015: Wild – Trailer for Gameplay,

It was certainly a striking pitch – and Wild undoubtedly looked lovely in early footage – but, aside from a new image shared in 2017, little was seen of the project following its gameplay reveal.

The project has been canceled six years after it was started. According to journalist Jeff Grubb, speaking in a Giant Bomb video (thanks VGC), “There is no Wild anymore… Wild is dead”. Grubb said, “I believe Michel Ancel abandoned this project… He’s no longer working on it, and the project was shut down.” Ancel claimed that the Wild team was autonomous and that it was going “super well” when he retired.

Grubb says that the Wild team was looking to “maybe trying to keep together and work on another project… They were strangely like “We aren’t working on Wild anymore. But we have lots of talent so maybe we could work on some other stuff.”

Sony and Wild Sheep Studio have been contacted for comments. I will keep you updated if more information is received.

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