Portugal holiday: This is the 5th new rule that Britons have to follow
Summer - Full List

Portugal holiday: This is the 5th new rule that Britons have to follow Summer – Full List

Pre-pandemic, about 3 million Brits travelled to Portugal each year. Although the numbers aren’t back to pre-Covid levels, Portugal welcomes fully-vaccinated Brits. What are the rules before you go on a Portuguese vacation?

Which are Portugal’s entry requirements for admission?

Portugal has been added to the UK Government’s “amber list”, which means that there is no restriction on traveling to Portugal, but rules must be followed.

Portugal allows fully-vaccinated Brits to enter the country without quarantine.

You must also bring proof that you have had your vaccines, such as an EU Digital Covid certificate.

You don’t have to undergo a PCR test if you are already fully vaccinated before you can travel.

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You will be required to quarantine 14 days after arriving in Portugal if you have not been fully vaccinated.

To show proof that you have a negative antigen or PCR test, bring it with you to the airport.

A negative PCR test is not required for children under 12 years of age.

What should I bring with me to Portugal?

You will also need proof of vaccination or proof that you have had a negative antigen or PCR test, if necessary, before you travel to Portugal.

Portugal has coronavirus restrictions:

  • Two metres of social distancing
  • You should wear a face mask in enclosed spaces and outdoors, where it is difficult to socially disengage.
  • While shops, cafes and restaurants are now open for business, nightclubs remain closed.
  • Before you check into a hotel, they may ask for your negative or certified vaccination record.
  • Two passengers can be transported in a taxi, and the driver cannot allow you to sit in front of them.

At the beach, Coronavirus

Portugal, even though it is outside, has its own rules for beach manners to avoid overcrowding.

Portugal introduced one-way beaches. It is recommended that sunseekers keep their sunbeds and towels three meters apart.

You can use this website to check how full the beach is before you go. Avoid it if it’s amber, or red.

Portugal to UK: Returning home

You don’t need to quarantine if you have been fully vaccinated or are under 18 years old when you travel to the UK.

You will be required to remain in quarantine until you are vaccinated if you do not have it. On day 2 after you arrive in the UK, you will have to undergo a PCR test. Day 8 is required.

Portugal to be included in the green-list?

A status update regarding the UK’s traffic lights system is scheduled for August 25, or 26, depending on whether it has travel restrictions.

Express.co.uk will keep you updated with all the latest news on entry requirements for travelling to Portugal.

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