Tesla Bot Brings Tech Demos To Their Logical

Tesla Bot Brings Tech Demos To Their Logical Conclusion

Tesla Bot Brings Tech Demos To Their Logical
The bizarre demonstration by Elon Musk exposed one of tech’s truths: It is a storyboarded future, held together with digital duct tape.

The robot was not at all real. It was either very real or not, depending on your belief that realness closely correlates with physiology. The robot, which is to be precise, was actually cosplayed as a humanoid robotic being.

The robot shuffled on stage during Tesla’s AI Day yesterday afternoon, a three-hour demo of autonomous car features and slides titled “Multi-Scale Feature Pyramid Fusion.” The big news out of the event was a new custom AI chip for data centers, and a supercomputing system called Dojo. Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder and chief executive officers revealed later that Tesla is working on the robot. Because Musk was there, people tuned in. They laughed at the robot. They were not amused.

The robot began to dance after initially appearing stiff-armed, stiff and arthritis. This fanfic was quickly put to rest. It was impossible for a human to do the Charleston in such fluidity. As the robot danced, the fabric of his all-white jumpsuit with its accidently stylish boat neck creased. Human robot had fun. It was having too much fun. “Is the robot…Grimes?” I enquired to an editor. Musk shoved them from the stage.

Musk said to the AI Day crowd, “The robot is real,” in between his usual titters. It was transparently bad. Musk was teasing us. Musk was playing pranks on us. The robot-not-yet-a-robot stunt was intended to make people pay more attention to Tesla AI Day. The joke was subtle: Musk implied that the future robot was not yet real. Even though the person wearing the outfit is real. Once the robot becomes real it will be gone.

Musk stated, “This will prove to be very profound.” Musk said, “Because Is the Economy? At the Foundation, It’s Labor.”

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