The most anticipated night of the decade for wrestling and CM Punk,
Detailed explanation

The most anticipated night of the decade for wrestling and CM Punk, Detailed explanation

After seven years of waiting and chanting for their rights, wrestling fans finally have their day after seven. Legendary wrestler CM Punk is rumored be returning to pro wrestling with All Elite Wrestling. He will likely make his debut Friday on AEW RAMpage.

Punk’s influence on the sport of wrestling has been controversial to say nothing. Some consider him the antihero of wrestling, an iconoclast that walked away from WWE’s monopoly on the sport at its peak to defend his principles. Some feel that he is a malcontent who didn’t appreciate what he had. It doesn’t really matter what your opinion is about CM Punk in 2021. The possibility of his return to the ring, which is one reason Friday night has become the most anticipated event in contemporary wrestling, is undoubtedly the greatest thing that happened in the sport for many years.

What is CM Punk?

Although it’s difficult to summarize a life and career of this magnitude into one question, here is a brief summary on CM Punk if you aren’t familiar with the wrestler.

Phil Brooks is an independent wrestler, who started his career working in backyard shows and smaller shows in Illinois in 1999. He gained fame in 2002 after most of the wrestling fan’s discovered about CM Punk. He signed with Ring of Honor in Baltimore, where he made history.

Ring of Honor was opposed to WWE. RoH emphasized professional wrestling’s art as well as its production value and extravagant presentation. RoH showcased wrestling stars who were not in the WWE archetype of big-muscle-bound, TV-ready wrestlers. They were instead incredibly talented, with the ability to share a captivating story both inside and out of the ring.

Punk quickly rose to fame within the company and he soon became a fan favorite. He fought some of the most memorable matches against A.J., Samoa Joe, and others. Styles, Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), and all three would be hugely successful in WWE. He attracted the attention of bigger promotions during this period.

Punk signed his first contract with TNA where he wrestled for one year. WWE then noticed Punk and gave him a spot at Ohio Valley Wrestling. This is a territory where WWE’s developmental wrestlers can learn to wrestle in their “style”.

CM Punk was hired by WWE TV to work for their relaunched ECW. This attempt to recapture the excitement of an extreme grassroots brand that WWE had bought many years before. Although the ECW relaunched was not as good as its predecessor, Punk immediately made a mark and became a favorite of the mostly hardcore crowd.

Punk stood out from all other WWE wrestlers at that time. Punk was a perfect example of mainstream wrestling’s blurred line between reality and fiction. Punk didn’t care about their reactions and considered wrestling more of a game than a play. There were some classic villain and hero tropes, but Punk brought a sense of reality to the whole thing. Punk never hesitated to express his opinions, and it was difficult to tell where Phil Brooks had ended from Punk.

Fans were intoxicated by this and jumped onto the bandwagon for a wrestler who was similar to Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was not Stone Cold, but it is clear that he wasn’t. Punk, in fact, was not a response to WWE’s attitude era. He was the type of character that fans hated just a few years ago. Punk is a straight-edge individual who deplored the prowling of alcohol and drugs. Punk didn’t hesitate to reveal the truth to his fans about the business, telling them he was not a 6-foot-5 muscle-bound monster. Punk did not use his body to impact the world, but rather his mouth. Everyone bought into his message like a cult leader.

Punk rose to the top, becoming the flagship WWE Raw programme. It was here that he reached the heights. CM Punk’s fans became the most fervent in WWE. They followed him wherever he went and pressured WWE to offer him opportunities.

Punk was a symbol and not just a wrestler. Punk was a symbol of anger and frustration, and became the place where fans could put their energies when they felt frustrated by WWE’s products. The company couldn’t ignore it and created storylines to keep CM Punk from winning the WWE Championship. This made powerful authority figures look like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Punk was then made the WWE Champion. The downfall started here.

What made him leave WWE?

Punk is not satisfied with winning the WWE Championship or rising to the top. He lost his title and felt frustrated by the lack of pay, overwork, and inattention from the company.

In 2011, Punk was set to take on John Cena in the WWE Championship. He then gave his “pipebomb”, a famous promo in which he used a live microphone to broadcast Raw his dirty laundry.

Punk had threatened to quit the company if his contract expired. Although it is not clear if this actually happened, Punk was believed by so many fans that he was likely to leave the company with his belt. He won the title over Cena. Although he would not “leave”, he made an immediate return to WWE Raw.

Punk did eventually resign from WWE and stayed with the company until 2014. However, he was extremely unhappy. CM Punk did not show up for the dates he had been booked, despite all of his previous grievances. He then walked out of WWE after last year’s Royal Rumble. Punk has stated that he had contracted MRSA from WWE and was therefore a victim to medical malpractice. He also suffered severe brain damage that allowed him to compete despite Punk saying that he was too mess up.

Punk claims he was fired the day before his 2014 wedding. He said it was the last straw he would work for the company.

Legend of CM Punk

You can watch any WWE program from 2014 to present and you will hear the fan chant “CM Punk”. This catch-cry is used by fans to decry what’s happening in the ring and express their discontent with management. They cheer for Vince McMahon, who they hate.

Punk was desperately desired by fans to be back to save the company’s mismanagement. WWE often muted the crowd mics in an effort to reduce the effect of CM Punk chants.

It seemed that there would be some amends. Punk was back to host WWEBackstage on FOX. It was widely believed that it meant Punk would be returning to the ring, however it wasn’t. He confirmed that he was not returning to the ring.

Is there anything being rumored at the moment?

All Elite Wrestling has been a potential home for CM Punk since it was founded. He could leave WWE to go back to mainstream wrestling and give fans the entertainment they want for many years. There is also the chance that he might once more revolutionize the industry.

Punk refused to answer any questions, mocked AEW or dismissed the possibility. The rumors began to swirl that Punk was not only training to be back in the ring but also was planning to do it in AEW.

The launch of its second weekly program, the AEW Rampage was a thrilling moment. AEW is a traditional company that book smaller venues. Punk, his hometown, booked the United Center in Chicago and branded it “The First Dance.” Punk also posted the iconic mid-90s Bulls introduction to the United Center on Instagram, confirming that Punk was indeed coming.

Tony Khan, owner of AEW, further developed the event.

Fans are now ready. According to every report, CM Punk will make his debut in Chicago tonight and marks his return in professional wrestling after seven years. It is a momentous occasion and one unlike any other in wrestling’s history.

Whatever happens, professional wrestling is about to change.

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