There are five ways you can get free upgrades and special services. Crew can do miracles on flights

Although free upgrades may not be as frequent as in the past, some airline employees say that there may still be occasions when a traveller is bumped up to a different class or given some nuts.

These are just five of the ways that passengers can get special treatment aboard.

Please be kind to cabin staff and gate personnel

Although it may sound like common sense, crew members say that politeness can really make a difference.

Cierra Mistt from the USA says that a simple gift can be key to an upgrade.

She explained in a TikTok Video: “There are many ways to get upgraded to first class.

Being nice to the gate agent or flight attendant is one of the best ways to receive free upgrades.

When we are given a box of chocolates or Starbucks, we see the miracles that we can accomplish.

It’s especially difficult to eat on long flights, and not enough time for food.

Kat Kalami, fellow flight attendant was also in agreement. She claimed that a simple “Starbucks Gift Card” could allow travellers to enjoy the “royal treatment.”

She stated, “It is the best thing for us to have customers who give this.”

Ms Kalami said, “If gift cards are not available, you can pick up lip balm or candy bars and hand them to the flight attendants.”

We will be able to tell you where you are sitting, what your appearance is and all the rest of our crew will take care of you.”

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