This week's Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris reward and Season 15 loot plan

This week’s Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris reward and Season 15 loot plan

New rewards are coming to Destiny 2 today with the return of the Trials of Osiris across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

This mode has been the longest-lasting PvP option in the game. Bungie plans to improve it.

Bungie confirmed changes to the Trials Rewards, with Season 15 due out next week.

The development team will be making Target Farming in Trials more efficient when the new season launches.

These perks will come with an exclusive set of perks that players will receive during the PvP Crucible.

Last but not least, Season 15 Trials weapon will include seven perks per column.

These changes were made for Trials, but they won’t be in effect when the trial kicks off.

At 6pm BST the Trials of Osiris kick off, and maps will be confirmed once servers are live.

Then, there will be the chance to win the coveted prizes for the top fireteams that secure a place in The Lighthouse.

The next Weekly Reset will follow, scheduled for August 24, and will eliminate all weapons and other items.

Bungie will also share the full showcase of Season 15 at this time.

Destiny 2 sends a message that reads “Happy Champion hunting Guardians.” Season of [REDACTED] begins August 24.

“Oh! Did we forget one?” The pen is stronger, but we were overloaded in this instance. We will see you next August 24th.

Saint-14, the Trials of Osiris vendor is the newcomer to the event. He currently lives in Tower Hangar along with his ship and pigeons.

For those who are able to complete the Crucible, it will be well worth the effort. You can also win Saint’s inventory updates, Bounties and Trials Passages.

Each week’s map rotations will continue, but Bungie has changed the weapons that you can get during events.

We’ll keep you updated on the most recent news about what loot and rewards can be found across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Bungie has provided details on the Trials experience in this article.

Test Passages“Saint-14 offers five Passages, each with its own mechanics. Every Passage tracks wins and losses during a Trials. Players will lose three Passages if they have suffered a loss. They can either reset their Passage or buy a new one.

Mercy: Available 24/7 and forgiving one run loss

FerocityYour Third Win is always available, with no losses and grants you a bonus win

Be confidentFlawless Chest: This unlocks when you go Flawless. It also grants you a bonus reward.

WealthYou can unlock 5 Trials wins or more tokens by winning Trials matches.

WisdomYou can unlock 7 wins, and get bonus XP for Trials Wins. This scales with how many tickets you have won.

Trials BountiesPlayers can purchase Passages as well as three Trials Bounties. Weekly Bounties reward XP. Daily Bounties reward XP. 15 Valor rank points and 2 Trials tokens. Additional Bounties reward XP.

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